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The Tudors

Go back to advertising perfume Henry. Jonathon Rhys Meyers is annoying and looks constipated as Henry VIII. Sam Neill is good though and whilst a bit worthy, he and Jeremy Northam stodge it up enough to keep the episodes plodding along with a sense of reality. I personally have no knowledge of the actual historical events – did Margaret really smother the Portugese King? What was that Henry threw up when he vaulted into the water filled ditch?  Why do BBC dramas feel the need to sex everything up these days? You wouldn’t have seen this much smut in Smiley’s People for god’s sake.

Nigella Express

Happier now that she’s hugely successful and not recently bereaved, Nigella just takes a few shows to get used to. My mother in law thinks she’s acting like a parody of herself, I think she’s just being herself. Nigella recently said in an interview that much of the bowl licking from her Forever Summer series was edited out, and it seemed colder than her norm. This hasn’t happened here and I like the enthusiasm, it’s something she and Jamie Oliver have in common, A virtual any fool can do this approach which is actually fun, and has none of the head teacher marminess of Gordon and Delia.
One thing – whoever produced this series should be shot for letting her labour the Express nature of the recipes – it’s too much if you watch it week in and out. Filling a BBC half hour timeslot is obviously not what we’re used to with Nig. Hence all the shots of the kids, her kitchen, her bedroom (like the wallpaper), Nigella on the bus – which is unintentionally funny, all timefiller when we’d prefer another recipe or to see Saatchi, so far unseen!
Lazy and lovely, Nigella is great and I’m really peeved the series is off for a couple weeks now for Autumn bloody watch!


Ripe with pop culture ref and cliche LA lifestyle, this show has great major leads in David Duchovny and Natasha McElhone. I really see this show as the Sex and the LA version, it’s funny and has already upset America’s ultra right wing, sent flapping by Duchovny’s dream sequence where a nun gives him a blow job. If you like Six Feet Under, Sex and the City and the X Files, you’ll love this.

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