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The Street – David Thewlis is pretty godlike

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The Street

I only watched the beginning of this because David Thewlis was in it. It was so good though, I pressed record at the end and made by better half watch it straightaway. Jimmy McGovern’s series is back, I never watched the first, but this opening episode was explosive. David Thewlis was subtle and let you step into Joe’s shoes, as a no-hoper who finally gets a break when his identical brother Harry chokes on a sweet. The whole hour is driven by suspense, will Harry die? Will Joe be found out? How could you let your kids think you were dead? How could you cope with only 22 people coming to your funeral? Like the best short story you’ve ever read. I’ve not seen Bronagh Gallagher (Mary, Joe’s widow), in anything since The Committments but she’s spitting fury here, almost stealing the show from Thewlis, they should both be BAFTA bound.


Written by Victoria

November 11, 2007 at 2:46 am

Posted in TV

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