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Dream of suing David Du-chov-ny…

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We’re only 4 or 5 episodes into the series here in the UK, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers are suing the show – claiming it’s usurping their album and single Californication greatness. Why wait so long? The series has already finished stateside and it just seems so petty, as the creators and writers are obviously fans, you only need to check the Wiki page to see how often it’s referenced. Nevermind hey?

Here’s hoping the Charlie storyline, complete with sexually frustrated wife and submissive pierced secretary, will end soon. It’s just not feasible – Charlie’s too soft and we all still think of him as his Sex and the City alter ego. You need the Duchovny swagger to bring home the racier side of the show.

The character development is above your average hollydrama too, well not particularly for the women Hank sleeps with, but especially Karen (Natasha McElhone), who’s starting to show a darker side and Mia (Madeline Zima), who’s brilliant at being frankly disturbing when you remember her as a kid in the Nanny with Fran Drescher!


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November 21, 2007 at 3:48 pm

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TV for the grim and some salad

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Rachel Allen’s Food for Living

What’s next? Food for dying? Ok, now that I’ve got that out of the way, let me declare, Rachel’s perky south african/irish accent doesn’t bother me. Infact, I have one of her books, no two, and I do quite like her. The trouble is, she’s a non-entity. There’s no Rachel Allen-ish thing she does, apart from taste her cooking with a teaspoon. She tries to be like la Lawson, but doesn’t get there. Her recent pub food episode had her talking about a side dish for chicken kiev.

“I think a nice salad is good to cut through the richness”, walks to fridge, comes back with a bowl of lettuce, “Here is some salad. Some lovely crisp salad. Just take some of the salad” pause as she picks up said damn salad, “and put the salad on the plate.”

It goes on and on – the woman is a food teacher, she can’t freestyle like Nigella and doesn’t want to be Delia, so she’s kind of no-one. However, she does get really excited about the toffee sauce she makes, pouring half a jug of it on one slice of cake during the end credits, which was endearing.

The Street

My god this annoyed me. Timothy Spall and his wife, Margie (Ger Ryan), waltz around in shit for an hour, complete with appaling ‘visions’ of victims of cancer inflicted on us with school sophistication voiceover from Margie. I found this so depressing, I suppose it was well acted, life is grim once you’re middle aged if you’re still a loser seemed to be the message. At least they’ve got eachother though, nothing like 58 minutes of dirge with a happy ending.


Bring back LOST. Sorry, I’m not usually pessimistic but when the storyline starts skipping into the future things don’t usually end well. All the hook-ups and exciting terrorist ‘other’ status that the Heroes have aside, Five Years Gone just sparked a tiny voice in my head, jumped the shark?

PS – I do hope things haven’t derailed, let’s hope all the hype is just show, as America takes a break around episode 18 in series for a few weeks for sweeps I think, so episodes 18-20 need lots of hooks to get the party faithful back in line. And yes, I know, LOST had a flash forward on this season’s finale too. Still, roll on February!

***Nov 22 – Is it just the challenge of finally having to provide a (not even) rational explanation for Heroes proving too much? Sylar’s impromptu snow globe session with his overwrought mother was painful and she should really have taught him to carry scissors properly. What was good, was the Patrelli clan, including Claire, who’s become more nasal since arriving in NYC. Hiro and Ando on Sylar’s trail is brilliant too, second guessing which hero skillz will save or betray them. I’m tiring of the Linderman enigma though, the shape changer’s just irritating and Dr Suresh pretty damn dull.

Top Gear

I really resist liking this show, as Clarkson is such a funny little facist. But as a nation you seem to be not only condoning him, but actively promoting him through christmas presents to anyone with a bald spot – so who am I to quibble?

Where do they get these people that stand around in the warehouse? Yes the vibrating chair seat woman was funny, but the honda or whatever it was owner scared me! He didn’t look like Top Gear dad snoozing in the chair. But what am I talking about, this show seems to have cross generational and cross gender appeal. Even Hammond has a real trendy hippy vibe at the moment. It’s practically Top of the Cops for the family, talking garbage about speeding cameras every week. Clarkson’s latest survey of deceit, that only 4% of rural accidents were caused by speeding, is just not true. I tell you dear reader, in NZ there was a famous ad campaign in the 90’s, “Country people die on country roads”, because the yokels speed! Surely the government wouldn’t lie? The one good thing was the Star in the reasonably priced car. Even I enjoy this, and, for a staunch All Blacks supporter, I was even impressed with Lawrence Dallaglio, who can sing. Who said rugby players were thick? Well English ones, anyway. Poor Larry would’ve been the fastest around the track if he didn’t way in so heavily.

If you’re really sick, you can visit to see nice stills of the presenters, for each episode no less.

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November 21, 2007 at 3:18 am

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