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Think, think about it

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Can’t believe I missed Thursday’s glowing Flight of the Conchords review in the Guardian.

There are only three epsiodes left of this smash hit. Well, it’s a hit by BBC 4 standards, surely and must be billed for BBC2 soon. Apparently lots of people dressed up as FoTC for Halloween… yes, actually.

Peter Bradshaw sites the comedy as English, which it isn’t. The silences and raised eyebrow akwardness is different to, say Extras akwardness. It’s not hostile and cringe-making, it’s just quizzical, bemused and befuddled.

Anyway, here’s 5 reasons why you should be watching Flight of the Conchords:

1. The only showcase of the beauty that is the New Zealand accent

2. Brett and Jemaine aren’t bad looking, even if Jemaine’s deep set features couldn’t be considered classically handsome.

3. Murray (Rhys Darby) is the most memorable character, his genuine concern for the band elevates what could be a David Brent rip-off into a warm and original father figure, “I’m so angry I could swear!”

4.The posters in the NZ consul office, “New Zealand … Why not?”, “New Zealand, if you don’t expect too much, you’ll love it!”, “New Zealand, it’s not part of Australia”, New Zealand likes to rock the party.

5.The songs.

“Children on the streets using guns and knives
Taking drugs and each other’s lives
Killing each other using knives and forks
And calling each other names like dork “

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November 26, 2007 at 8:05 pm

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