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Do the doggie bounce

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Well I’d kind of overdosed on the internet in the lead up to Christmas, shopping, but I had to do a pre-xmas review…

Flight of the Conchords

But of course I need to tell you about the Flight of the Conchords finale. The Third Conchord is a great last episode – unsure if the series would be picked up for a second series, there is no cliffhanger or flashbacks – just some angry dancing – which is inspired. Resisting a final song from the guys, the only music video is from Murray’s new band the Crazy Dogggz, “arf arf” plus a hilarious interlude of Bret’s dramatic dancing a la Footloose. The trouble starts when Murray hires Todd, an “alright” bongo player to join the guys. Todd’s 10-minute bongo solos create friction, with Jemaine finally firing Bret as it’s easier to fire a friend. Bret then starts the Original Flight of the Conchords with Dimitri, a guit-board, sorry, key-tar player who copies his moves.

The ensuing fortunes of the bands is fairly predictable but not sentimental and I’m definitily intrigued to how the writers will pick up the storyline for season 2. Of course I’m biased about the show but this is the best thing on TV in 2007, not 30 Rock, and it’s well worth buying the entire series for Christmas. The characters complete ignorance of the world around them isn’t a new comic device but the manner of their naivety is original and doesn’t feel forced – the genuine warmth between the guys and Murray, even if Bret does keep quitting the band, is solid and Bret and Jemaine’s reserved personas allow for the best musical insight into what they’re thinking. This is evolution from Ally McBeal down at the bar signing with heavy significance or dancing with fake babies. This is ‘all the ladies with their babies, make your babies shake their booties, yeah’. Fingers crossed FoTC will be on BBC2 in the New Year – I may even start a facebook petition.

Others sharing the love are the Writers Guild of America, who have nominated FoTC as best comedy, the full list of nominations is here!!

30 Rock

Well 6 episodes in and I think 30 Rock has hit it’s stride, so I recommend it to you. Pushy TV exec Alec Baldwin (Jack Donaghy) is awesome as the successful and strange manager and he’s very funny. Tina Fey has created Liz Lemon to suit her strengths too and she’s likeable, if not hilarious and a good straight guy for Baldwin. The medicated star of the Liz’s TV show is Tracey Jordan (played by Tracey Morgan) who brings to life the behind the scenes elements. He’s almost upstaged though by Kenneth, the Southern simpleton who’s joined the NBC Page programme and according to Donaghy “in 5 years we’ll either work for him, or be killed by him”.

30 Rock is on after Californication on Thursday nights, or repeated throughout the week on USFive if you’ve got cable.

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December 20, 2007 at 5:54 pm

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