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To see you nice, (as long as you can Sky+ it)

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Well the final of Strictly Come Dancing is over and, for once in the history of my reality tv watching, the right person won.

I was convinced Matt & Flavia were going to take the trophy, by the look of their body language they obviously thought so too, but no, Alesha, who has been the best dancer overall, most genuine, most talented got the prize.

The post result interviews were perhaps the highlight, with Tess’ gaff “So will you continue to see eachother?” leaving Matt & Flavia speechless. The one handed lift in their freestyle dance was more of a crotch pull exercise and any doubts about them as a couple surely were gone, even Craig commenting on how much they must trust eachother to do those lifts – so why so coy!

Alesha on the other hand blurted out that she loved her dance partner, which was sweet. Not as sweet as Aileen’s I am Sparticus moment when she stood up and declared Alesha her heroine. Or when Bruce declared she was too be Britain’s greatest star of the future, feel the love! Why no best wishes from her fellow Mis-teeq pals though??

But on a serious note, I Sky+ post final shows and was glad to fast forward through all the cringemaking jokes Brucey and Tess were a’cracking. To stay a National Treasure, and I do love him, he needs less time talking!

For Matt – he improved the Salsa, which I didn’t think was possible and really performed all the dances, so surely will be pleased with how he did. It’s Flavia who was really the most impressive, her choreography is amazing and I hope she gets a great celeb next series.

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December 23, 2007 at 2:50 am

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