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Marry Jamie, Boff Gordon and Kill Hugh

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Maybe I’m just crabby from staying up too late last night playing Marry, Boff or Kill? but I am sooo sick of the rubbish Guardian coverage on Jamie Oliver’s Fowl Dinners and Hugh’s Chicken Run.

Today Zoe William’s article has more moaning about Jamie and HughFW being rich, therefore not allowed to comment on the welfare of animals. I don’t understand how their wealth is even relevant, as the purpose of their shows is to try and educate the general public who may or may not know what exactly the 2 for £5 chicken endures.

They’re not asking them to buy basmati rice – they’re saying – we want you to know why this meat is so cheap. These animals are not being treated humanely and give farmers in this country a bad deal.

It’s amazing how touchy the media, especially the Guardian is – we’ve also had Jay Rayner moaning that HFW suggested people on low incomes buy braising steak, comparing it to Marie Antoinette’s let them eat cake, which is ridiculous snobbery in itself – stews are a great cheap nutritious option.

Ms Williams doesn’t even seem convinced by her own argument, maybe a bit put out that she’s last to comment on chickens this week instead.

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January 16, 2008 at 3:27 pm

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