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The Soup

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Even if you don’t get the E! channel there’s now no excuse. The Soup, America’s best cynical cheap shot at reality and celebrity TV is now online each week.

It used to be called Talk Soup in the early 90’s when I watched it and was hosted by Greg Kinnear, who went on to get an Oscar nomination for As Good as it Gets and more recently, from Little Miss Sunshine. Then it focussed more on the chat shows, Jerry Springer etc.

The Soup, however, is at the zenith of weird (reality) TV programming and there’s so much crap and hilarity in pop culture at the moment that Joel McHale, the presenter and co-writer deliver a weekly show worth taping or tracking down – which you wouldn’t really think was a goer. E! tried to do a UK version in 2006 with Iain Lee, which was awful as he has none of McHale’s charm and EastEnder clips can’t really compete with Brett Michael’s Rock of Love for material.

From Whitney Houston’s “Kiss my ass” (the Hey Jude of clips), to the cancelled Viva Laughlin, the show loved by hundreds, to coverage of the Beckhams, Oprah’s Va-Jay-Jay, What your boyfriend is looking at, Iron Chef America and Chat Stew.

It’s on E! every Saturday night. But go now to see best of and recent clips on the E! site or a condensed version on Yahoo! – it’s all exclamation points!

Written by Victoria

January 22, 2008 at 12:35 am

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