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The One and Only

Carrie and David Grant are back. They must be great friends with one of the Programming Directors at BBC, landing another singing reality show, this time a complete remake of Stars in their Eyes, with an added audience vote. The ‘twist’ is that the other impersonators vote to save one from the bottom two, hmm what does that remind you of? Fame Academy, what a coincidence. Graham Norton can’t save this – infact, maybe Stars in their Eyes wouldn’t even work today, now that everyone and their dog can get a hit single out of Naff factor, the quaint enthusiasm of those contestants is nowhere to be seen.

10 things you didn’t know about…Tsunamis

Dr Iain Stewart, of the series ‘Earth, power of the planet’ fame is back on BBC4 doing a 3 part cable-feel’Earth, power of the planet’ top 10 series.

When graphics were used to show how these massive waves form and move, or their causes – eg subaqua tectonic activity – the shift in the sea floor from the meagquake responsible for the Boxing Day tsunami that created two huge cliffs – then the show was truly interesting.

The rest of it was filler, as is any top 10, the worst of these number 3, the mysterious Hindu temples that apparently were seen just before the Boxing Day tsunami struck the Indian coast, then were covered again in water, forever. This just doesn’t make sense – why can’t we scan the surface for the pyramid shaped temples? Why can’t we see them? How is it scientists can find the exact point where the megaquake occurred but can’t find huge structures only a few kilometres off shore? I feel cheated.


Well you should be watching this brilliant drama already, but incase you aren’t, start now. This outstrips the prime time BBC detective/drama on offer by a mile, but as is the BBC’s wont, they don’t like to show American series on BBC1 until after 10, then half way through the run will probably change the timeslot, or make it even later.

Glenn Close and Ted Danson are dangerous characters, one manipulative lawyer, one corporate thief, they both play with the lives of anyone involved in trying the case against Arthur Frobisher (Danson). No mercy makes for a great storyline and frankly, makes Monday less depressing. Roll on 10.30pm.

You can catch up on old episodes with

Harry Hill’s TV Burp

Hmm after watching the last two episodes I’m afraid, The Soup, on E! is still better. The jokes are more adult and actually mock our popular culture as it is in 2008.

Harry Hill himself is funny, but the genuinely clever clip leadins are the best thing about the show, the food fights and other lame jingles have no momentum, why not just bring back Shark Infested Custard and do a kids version instead?

Harry is so in with the shows he’s ‘mocking’ that he can get the Bill, Richard and Judy, Emmerdale actors to get in on the jokes. This doesn’t sit well and means Harry gets carried away with elaborate jokes that aren’t as funny as three more quick fire clips would be. I’m sure there’s enough material on ITV and 4 without the insider edition, but hey, maybe Harry just wants everyone to like him.

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January 28, 2008 at 2:43 pm

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