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Mr Oliver loves Mr Contaldo, surely.

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Well Delia did a Kitchen/Garden book a few years ago, with no TV series to match (why?) and Jamie’s cottoned on, making a much more relaxed version, Jamie at Home, which I’ve been watching, as I like both cooking and gardening and Jamie Oliver.

As with the last Nigella series, Jamie seems in a frenzy of Jamie-ness, not abashed or self-conscious at all – which is good, even if at times that means he says daft things. What I’m having trouble with is the endless Mr Tomato loves Mr Basil, Mr Frog loves eating slugs, Mr soil loves Mr Nitrogen – I’m starting to worry that Jamie never leaves his house and is trapped in a world with his family, speaking gibberish and eating raw broad bean sprouts.

Then there’s the irritating shots of the book (I’ve not seen the physical book but assume it’s as shown on the interludes on the tv show, where the camera focuses on a shot of strawberry jam with a ‘rustic’ illustration and the text “Simmer for 30 minutes” then we cut to Jamie, “Simmer for 30 minutes” he says.

What exactly is the point of this? To get us to buy the book? To take up time? To highlight Jamie’s ‘quirky’ turn of phrase, “This is top top top”, cut to the book, with the words on the page, “This is top, top top.”

Yeah we get it. I hate this in advertising – where the script flashes up on the screen as the actors try and sell you pro-biotic yoghurt or insurance. I suspect it’s for the Sky+ generation fast forwarding the adds at speeds of x12 or x30 – hoping we’ll still connect “youthful” with Nivea or whatever but when I’m watching ads during shows I actually watch in real time, I have to mute the TV and look away so I won’t be brainwashed.

So why has Jamie at Home used this naff device? I’ll give them benefit of the doubt and hope they’re doing the book shots so that people can note down the bare bones of the recipe and make it that night.

In the end, despite my whining I’m going to keep watching in the hope (lot of hope involved so far) that Gennaro Contaldo makes another appearance. Their mushrooms episode in Series One was awesome, he & Jamie should really do a whole series together.

Also I’m watching for Jamie’s gardener, Brian, a middle aged version of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, he should really get some airtime on Gardener’s World.

Jamie & Brian - from

He could give Monty a run for his money. To grow some of the veg mentioned in the show, check out this nursery and to make the recipes, check out these episode guides.

Finally friends, you can find Delia’s Kitchen Garden book on her website, watch out for the McDonalds ads though.

Written by Victoria

February 22, 2008 at 1:33 pm

Posted in Recipes, TV

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