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Get Lost?

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I do. Lost is back. The weekend is complete, and with Damages on the next night, it’s like a smorgasbord of never-ending riddles and toothy American smiles.

Well not that much smiling, as Charlie is dead and doh! the people on the boat aren’t what they seem. Yes it’s the Others plot x2, this time with the mysterious boat people. But you have to admit – it’s a great plot.

Half the castaways are convinced the boat is coming to rescue them, the other half have learnt to be suspicious – the split in the camp is not great for the sawyer/kate/jack love triangle but the split story is great – especially as the depressing flash forwards from the series finale are now starting to make sense..

As for Damages – Tate Donovan had the lion’s share of the episode and smiled a lot, which was a nice relief from the Ellen/Patti/Katie stress fest in the previous episodes.

Tate, not in the OC now... Photo

Art and Fiske shared some dark comedy (I’m so glad Danson has something decent to act in, Becker was just so flat) and the murder scene that everything tracks back from is sloooowly taking pace.

The only problem is, there’s nothing on tonight.

So make some Pancakes, instead…

For the clammy crepe style ones go to Delia, who has a step-by-step guide on her site and for the proper thick pancakes you eat with maple syrup and bacon try Nigella’s American diner pancakes.


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February 5, 2008 at 3:34 pm

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Thursdays are not funny, yet

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Give it a good 30 minutes, then watch 30Rock on Five 11 til midnight.

In the meantime, while the Convention Crasher with Justin Lee Collins, is taping, let’s talk about Lost.

Back on Sunday, I’m afraid I’ve already forgotten my dislike of the series finale’s ‘flash forwards’ and can’t wait for the series four start.

E! have got some great preview clips of the episode if you’re feeling peckish, or you can relive the good old days with their behind the scenes interviews with all the dead Lost characters in Watch with Kristin.

Watching the sneak clips reminded me how much of the show is in really shady jungle and dim light, very 24. Our TV doesn’t really do dark, which just adds to the mystique.

Speaking of 24, Kiefer’s back out of jail, he’s served his time and the startled legend that is Mary Lynn Rajskub (pron. RICE-cub according to Wiki, highly dubious), is pregnant, because of the writers strike, I guess she got bored. Does anyone else remember her from The Larry Sanders show?

copywright - 2008

She and Wallace Langham always turn up on the same shows after Larry – see Veronica’s Closet (well don’t, but they were both in that) and CSI, 24, Little Miss Sunshine.
Can the next 24 series be any good though? Do they know how crap day 6 was? Also, wasn’t day 6 meant to be several years ahead of present day, perhaps a robot threat is next for the seemingly useless CTU. Day 7 too, you know even if you’re not Christian, you expect a lot from day 7.

TV’s looking pretty sparse, there’s nothing on Tuesday or Wednesdays, we need Dirty Sexy Money (Peter Krause & Donald Sutherland) and Mad Men to start! Or the Apprentice, whatever, just something that’s actually drama and not buy this house or lose weight or train your dog.

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February 1, 2008 at 12:26 am

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