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Cable for the ailing..

Homegrown on Horse & Country (I kid you not).

After the Home & Country, Switch onto a celebration of rural and equestrian life – yay for the horses, intro played 4 times in a row, Homegrown finally started, with peppy Italian theme music. Bit incongruous for a show on Loch Fyne cheeses but hey. The presenter, whose name I can’t find anywhere – this really is amateur hour (I mean both me and Horse & Country) was a really normal middle aged woman who had normal recipes for this fine local cheese. How refreshing. She was upset Brits didn’t go in for Jerusalem Artichokes more and ecstatic that the Loch Fyne cheese isn’t pasteurised. The strange thing about the show was she kept making dishes but not showing the final result – until the end when she invited one of the cheese factory workers to taste the results. The cheese producer was solemn and vaguely impressed, which makes a change from Ina Garten...

Barefoot Contessa

Ina Garten is a stockier, older American Nigella – she’s a former White House analyst who bought a food store in the Hamptons on a whim and in the 25 years she ran it and built up a catering business Barefoot Contessa, the store, became a local landmark. & google images

Ina is friends with Martha Stewart (The US Delia) and this comes through in the style of her show on UKTVFood. Each episode is based on a social occasion – eg picnic at the lake and involves Ina discussing what flowers, cutlery, themed napkins, dishes and glasses she’ll be serving with. At the end of the episode Ina gives her guests a friendly interrogation “Is it good?” “Do you like it?” and invariably they fawn, when did you get time to make this? Hello – she’s a food writer/presenter, it’s not exactly amazing that the meal you’re eating, whilst being filmed, is so great. Her food is great by the way and “the good news is” (Ina’s catchphrase), there’s lots of fun in trying to guess the UK equivalent of the ingredients she uses and repeating her pronunciation of baysil and ohraygahno.

Pignoles = pine nuts or pine kernels, Scallions = spring onion and more.

Finally – I’ve already written a disparaging review of Rachel Allen so will leave her alone except to say her latest series is just as awkward, ” I have .. ….an oven”.

Written by Victoria

March 7, 2008 at 7:52 pm

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  1. […] Strictly not on TV, this series, filmed between Forever Summer and Nigella Express, has only been shown in US, Australia etc. It is an exact half-way point between the more serene earlier series and the latest camp outings from Nigella (don’t get me wrong, she’s entertaining and likeable in both). She’s as enthusiastic as ever, not OTT, and the recipes are from my favourite book of hers – FEAST is a must for any cook, and Nigella’s Christmas book is pretty great too. You can order the DVD from Australia, if you have a multi-region DVD player. Be warned though – to cater for the cultural cross over Nigella has to say, in one breath, ‘Add your spring onions/ scallions/green onions’ which at first is disconcerting. I’m used to all the US translations from watching Barefoot Contessa! […]

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