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Dawn & the faux Apprentice

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Dawn gets a Man

I really didn’t hold much hope for Dawn Porter’s man mission – how can a show about dating be anything but cringe making? 

Compared to last weeks Dawn Gets a Baby – which frankly horrified the prospect of motherhood right out of me – there was no prospect of gore and horror so I tuned in. I’m not sure what I think of Dawn Porter, but she’s definitely got the charisma to pull off this search in a way that was personal enough but not gloomy, not sentimental. Plus, where else do you get to see someone stage a break in to an upmarket mens salon to stalk down Mr England?  


Dawn set about building her own Mr Dawn Porter competition, complete with dancing test, astrology and pheremone testing. Interestingly, the Australian guy who’s star chart matched best with Dawns astro makeup did win. I felt sorry for Barry, the Physics lecturer though, who was really enthusiastic and tried so hard at the dancing, I hope his students aren’t giving him a hard time.

Whilst Dawn didn’t meet anyone promising the show was fun. It’s the last in her BBC3 series, hopefully she’ll be back with more documentaries, even better if they stray from her tried and tested love/sex/relationships genre.

Sports Relief does the Apprentice

Are there not any successful male celebrities without ego that could be great fundraisers? Last time Piers Morgan and Alistair Campbell were reduced to attacking Trinny, this time they all attacked Lembit for not being macho enough  when Hardeep proved too tyrannical.

The cutlery set was the death knell really – the boys could choose anything from John Lewis that one team member could carry – so instead of choosing hi-tech gadgets or designer clothes and handbags (they only took one ugly patent black one, despite Hardeep confessing to a designer shoe crush in the latest Observer Woman mag): they chose a huge clunking set of cutlery costing 6 grand. Who exactly would want to buy that? They missed the point entirely – their sales were for the well off to give generously.

The girls team though were on form, Louise, Eleanor and Kirsty, especially, for her brilliant ‘I’m not your darling’ outburst. Let’s hope this bodes well for the next Apprentice series, can’t wait!

Written by Victoria

March 13, 2008 at 3:53 pm

Posted in Astrology, TV

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