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Five men and a baby?

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Ah, the Oceanic six. We now know 6 islanders make it back to life as we know it. But who are they?

Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sun, Sahid.. then Aaron the baby and/or Ben.

As Ben was never on the flight, maybe he’s just slipped under the radar somehow.. especially is Sahid is killing off the great faceless enemy.. it would make sense Ben didn’t come home with a big homecoming parade.

So – is Aaron, Claire’s baby, old enough to be a ‘six’? I guess we’ll find out this week.

Hands up who thought it was obvious that Michael was going to be Ben’s spy on the boat?

Also, Jin isn’t dead is he? I’m hoping all the crying in the graveyard last week is just a ‘oh I’m missing him’ deal.. but why would Hurley want to go to the graveyard then, makes no sense.

Relocation, relocation

Anyway back to land based activity, Relocation, Relocation seems to be getting even less relevant each week, which is bad news for Grand Designs Revisited 9pm Weds on Channel 4, which probably relies on the carry through audience, as next Wednesday it’s going to be up against the new series of the Apprentice.

As much as I love Phil and Kirstie, last night’s episode was a jip. Firstly the house the picky family moved into wasn’t even a house the realty duo found, and secondly there wasn’t enough time for a re-anything. We want years to have passed and to see an actual change, preferrably an amazing transformation in the house they bought originally.

At least Grand Designs revisited delivers on this – 5 years later we get to go back and see if they actually like it still and aren’t completely broke. There are brand new extensions and strange decor and people being enriched by their environment. Despite the poor re-packaging of the original shows, Phil and Kirsty do have a chemistry that can’t be beaten and house hunting, already intriguing, is never more fun then when you Sky+ the episode and can fast forward through all the ads..

Easter Plans

Catch up on Mad Men, anticipate Dirty Sexy Money and the next Lost and Damages. Movies too, as the weather is going to be wintry!

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March 20, 2008 at 8:37 pm

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