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Apprentice Sweepstakes

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The Apprentice

What? I was away when we did our annual office Sweepstake for this years Apprentice so I was pleased to find I hadn’t got the first poor arrogant sod to get fired, Nicholas. Then this weekend several ‘papers’ rumour, Jenny Celerier, the straight talking one with the red fringe and glasses, is a bigamist! Oh my god! But wait, no she isn’t, her American ex-husband supposedly married someone else in Vegas before their divorce came through, so Jenny’s done no wrong. Just when I thought Big Love was coming back onto our screens.

James Martin was a suprise/quirky choice for guest on the Apprentice: You’re Fired last week. Without Will from Sweet Baby James to boss around he’s not very hostile though, I suppose they were thinking about the task, selling £600 worth of fish. Personally I would have gone for Rick Stein as the guest, to really hit the fish link home and also for an animated take on the Apprentice overall.

We’re still waiting for..

Next set of Lost series 4 episodes – we’re only a week behind the states though.

Heroes series 2

Big Love series 2

Arrested Development movie??

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March 31, 2008 at 1:52 pm

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