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Light change

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Well I’ve known since the first episode that David (Noah Bean) was going to die at the end of this series of Damages, so I was really suprised by how upset I was by it.

Last nights Damages Ellen walked out of prison and into normal colour, (the accent lighting, e.g. sepia for the future is like Heroes) we got to see most of the crime that the series hinges on too, and it was punchy. The night David dies his flat turns into a revolving door of characters, I was even considering maybe his sister Katie as killer, so that when the thugs are finally in, and smack the NYC ornament into his forehead I had no nerves left.

The violence wasn’t graphic, but it was sickening, from the first blow when I was thought he was dead to the calm tracking of the blood splatter still on the tiles as Ellen comes back in real time and the door closes on David alive for the last time. The weight of all the recent death isn’t sentimental though, with Art (Danson) trying to comfort Rays widow after snorting coke. One episode left for all the fans who’ve managed to keep up with the late Monday night showing, for the rest of you – buy the DVD.

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April 1, 2008 at 10:43 pm

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