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Afternoon delight

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Why is BBC2 showing double bills of Arrested Development at 10 to midnight? Great if you can tape it, but otherwise what a waste. Why do all the decent American shows the BBC buy get shelved after 11pm? There really must be an unwritten agreement that British programming needs to be prime time, to simply increase the ratings, which isn’t fair play, or a good use of the licensing fee. Catch them if you can though, last night had Michael (Jason Bateman) embarking on a kareoke session with his young niece Maebe which goes awry when the lyrics of “Afternoon Delight” turn out to be dirtier than you’d think.

The Apprentice ep. 2 Frankly the girls team is too depressing to say much about. Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe did a brilliant take on how these reality shows manipulate the contestants but I honestly think the girls team leader, Jenny, was ruthless enough to join the Damages cast and the boys, despite their class-jesting, seem to have pulled together, their good spirits noticed by Adrian Chiles, revealing too much maybe of his version of homo-erotic behaviour – a pat on the back, some gurning and bad dancing.

Jools later and live or whatever

I wish he wouldn’t. It’s great that the show is live now I thought, that means less pointless interviews and circus ringmaster/Oprah style bellowing of band names but no, even on the shorter Tuesday night version Jools manages to sneak in Lenny Henry doing nothing at a table in the crowd. This inbreeding isn’t cool on Harry Hill and it’s really awkard here. Speaking of relationships though, Jools must love Adele as she’s back, singing the same song, again! At least there were the Only Ones. You’ve got to wonder when the next generation of BBC TV presenters are going to break through.

Tonight’s TV Dinner – Pesto Chicken Pasta

This takes 10 minutes to get on the table..

350gm skinned chicken breast – cut into strips like you would for stir fry

Garlic olive oil

Dried oregano (or basil)

Fresh parsley and grated parmesan

1 pack fresh tagliatelle pasta

Single cream – small pottle

Pesto if you have it, or pine nuts blitzed with fresh basil leaves torn off a supermarket plant. (Or forego entirely if you don’t have anything like it in the house)

1 pack green beans (french/dwarf) Topped, not tailed.

In a non-stick pan, stir fry the strips of chicken in a drizzle of garlic olive oil.

Put water on to boil.

When the chicken is browned, sprinkle over a heaped teaspoon of dried oregano and season. Lower the heat.

Boil the green beans for 1 minute then put in your tagliatelle and cook per instructions – usually 3 mins then drain (try to keep a couple of spoonfuls of the cooking liquid in the pan)

Once the pasta is on, pour in your cream, as much parmesan as you like and pesto if you have it. Season with black pepper and stir over a low heat to warm the cream through. Alternatively you could just use the pesto.

Toss the sauce through the drained pasta and add a big handful of chopped parsley.

Serve with extra parmesan on top and stir through cherry tomatoes and baby spinach too for freshness.

Written by Victoria

April 4, 2008 at 1:37 am

Posted in Recipes, TV

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