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It’s a glut of American Pie

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Channel 4 is all of a sudden awash with good-looking American comedies of the dramatic variety but is there any substance there?

Dirty Sexy Money

How could a show with Peter Krause and Donald Sutherland ever fail, really? The opening shows have been funny and have given enough of a hook for us to believe that good guy Nick George (Peter Krause) would want to stay around the fairly unlikeable Darling family.

Gossip Girl

Not sure on this one, or maybe I’m just outside the target market, hidden away on ITV2, Gossip Girl will probably be hugely popular with people who liked the OC. It’s all fashion, young love, catty prom queens and unrealistically cool parents.

Brothers & Sisters

Sally Field, Rob Lowe, Rachel Griffiths, Calista Flockhart, Balthazar Getty – you’ll know a couple of the main leads in Brothers & Sisters and if you like farce, American politics played out on a politics is personal storyline, drama – read affairs, don’t mind a tidge of sentimentality and like if not strong, then complex, female characters you’ll like this.

This week the Walkers are phoning in Republican radio shows to suggest Abe Lincoln was gay and the family collectively worry when Justin will be home from Iraq. It’s funny though!

Desperate Housewives

Well you get even amounts of farce and sentimentality here, plus you have to put up with long-dead Mary Ellen’s voiceovers framing every episode.  These housewives are desperate though, murder, secret, forbidden lemon meringue recipes.. nothing is sacred and Felicity Huffman as a high Lynette, karate kicking lamps off tables at the neighbourhood charades party as a pre-taster to miming one of the guests suicide attempt is worth watching for.

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April 7, 2008 at 5:14 pm

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