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The question is, am I this desperate?

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Oh no, just as I thought Desperate Housewives had become decent again..

I’ll set this up for you – I watched Mad Men before DH on Sunday, which may have coloured my view that the season’s already going downhill.

DH starts with a new couple moving in, Susan (Teri/Lois) runs over covered in yellow paint, to introduce herself – as you would (not). Susan’s new gay neighbours have a dog called Rafael. Half way through the episode Susan’s daughter comes home with Rafael. She found him on the street, the neighbours aren’t home.. what to do? So, ditsy Susan takes the dog into her garage, planning to play hero when the neighbours go looking for him. Sure enough, Susan creepily offers to help look for the dog, running around Wisteria Lane in her stilettos..”Rafael… here puppy!”

Mike, her handsome and honest fiance arrives home in his 4×4 and pops the button for the garage – cue Rafael, covered in yellow paint running out from their house to jump on the gay couple, one in a ‘Dolce’ suit, which poor honest (used to be a hired gun, mind) Mike now has to do some emergency plumbing work to pay for. Now, (thanks for reading this far by the way, you’re patient!) this is where it gets interesting.

What would you do? What would anyone do? Confess? No way! Susan’s got two options. I thought .. say her daughter must have found the dog (true), the neighbours weren’t home (true) so she must have left it in the garage until they got back. My colleague had another plausible explanation.. say the dog must have got trapped accidentally as the garage had been open earlier.

Easy! but no, the writers insult everyone’s intelligence by letting Susan acknowledge that she trapped the dog, which is desperate. DH is on notice now, one more week!

Mad Men

DH does have something in common with Mad Men though, actor John Slattery as Roger Stirling in MM and Victor (Gabby (Eva Longoria’s) husband in DH). He’s good in both, but had a brilliant storyline in this weeks Red in the Face. Bored and lonely without Joan (his uber secretary and mistress ‘Red’), Roger invites himself to Don and Betty’s for dinner, drinks all their liquor then hits on Betty.

// Joan (Christina Hendricks) - Photos copyright

Come to think of it, a drinking game for Mad Men would be very generous if based on lit cigarettes. I didn’t think the show could top Don’s comedic/tragic drunken cake fetching for his daughters birthday, but Roger does.. smoking, drinking n driving in style with a follow up Martini and Muscles platter competition with Don the next day.

Watching MM makes you look at your unpainted nails with disdain, plus it’s so novel to have the characters called Joan, Betty and Don that are sexy! The series is half way through on BBC4, Sundays, but you’ve not missed too much. We’re still way behind the states though, so for spoilers check out the show’s blog.

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April 15, 2008 at 10:59 pm

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