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Almost-summer Pasta Salad

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1 jar sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil

1 clove garlic, minced or chopped

1-2 tBsp red wine vinegar

salt, pepper

Basil or other fresh herbs like parsley, oregano

Grated parmesan.

Pasta of your choice, at the moment I love Sainsbury’s fresh Fusilli which cooks in 4 minutes.

To make it

Chop 6-8 sun dried tomatoes roughly and then put into a mini chopper/food processor with the garlic, red wine vinegar, seasoning and some of the olive oil from your jar of tomatoes (you could just use extra virgin olive oil if you prefer).

Whizz this up into a dressing to toss over the freshly drained pasta (it’s important you don’t leave the pasta to dry out).

Leave to cool slightly then add some more roughly chopped sun dried tomatoes and if you like, olives, capers, toasted pine nuts etc for texture.

Before you serve, stir in roughly chopped basil and grated parmesan.

Almost-summer Pasta Salad

This is so nice warm and even better cold, days later from the fridge!

Written by Victoria

April 30, 2008 at 1:10 am

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How can we sleep while our beds are burning?

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Age of Terror

I keep missing Age of Terror – I assume at 9 on a Tuesday there just really isn’t anything worth watching, so I only caught the last 15 minutes and I have to confess every time I’ve gone to watch it is because I’m interested to see the programme on 9/11 and Al-Qaeda – but that’s next week. Tonight’s episode was about the plane hijacked for 56 hours in Paris in 1994. I really don’t remember this happening at the time, and fair enough, 16 and living in New Zealand I was probably listening to Pavement on my walkman. My only gripe is that the comments from the survivor who said she can’t watch the 9/11 footage without picturing herself back in their ordeal were chilling enough without the footage of the second plane hitting the Twin Towers repeated at least four times.

Jools.. Later Live

Apparently I should like Operator Please, because they’re from Australia. Sorry, I love the Gold Coast, their hometown, where the weather’s ‘Beautiful one day and perfect the next’ as much as the next person, but their Song about Ping Pong was all concept and hand clapping. I just find all the young bands Jools promotes so pretentious! Anyway, if you’re after Australian music you should listen to You Am I or The Pictures, god even Midnight Oil would have been better. Just like anyone in the know would holiday in Noosa not the Gold Coast.

Written by Victoria

April 30, 2008 at 1:02 am

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