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The Chelsea chop

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Even the Jamaican Prime Minister is there, so where’s Monty?

Joe Swift and Alan Titschmarsh make very uncomfortable bedfellows, Swift watching Alan (Are we only allowed one Sir Alan at one time?) with a cagey grin, their catch up sessions on the BBC2 Chelsea show at least seem unrehearsed; you couldn’t fake Swift’s weary glances or relief when Alan’s retelling of the Queen visiting his show garden actually turned out to be amusing.

Elsewhere, did they feature Rachel de Thames’ LK Bennett Urban garden, inspired by 50s and 60s fashion? I think it looked modern, expensive and satisfying with roses and peonies encircling – ‘townies aspiring for an English country garden’ achieved with style. I hope she gets a medal, especially after the ‘uproar’ her comments on garden designers training have caused. It seems small minded to say she’s only on TV, or got sponsorship for her Chelsea garden because of her looks – she obviously has talent. Tall poppy syndrome then? (Groan, I know).

The interactive footage on BBC, a personal tour with Carol Klein, is brilliant, her interaction with the exhibitors is genuine and her enthusiasm for small alpines or eucalyptus is charming. My only gripe is you can’t see more than five of the show gardens.. why only five? If you’re so inclined and you’ve paid your TV license, let’s have all of them.

Elsewhere in my garden, I’ve finally got the garden organised, planted out all the seedlings and planted up my hanging baskets; all productive this year, strawberries and tomatoes. I’ve hung the strawberries out the front, high enough that kids and snails can’t easily reach them.

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May 20, 2008 at 11:28 pm

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Everything is coming to an end

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Well Mad Men has one more epsiode left, only a few of Lost, even Keeping up with the Kardashians has only one week left!

Reviewing shows about to end is problematic and can give you bad press, there isn’t much point in reviewing a pentultimate episode unless you’re going to talk about the series in general, especially if you get the detail awry.

What’s easy and not a spoiler though is the costuming, the set, everything in Mad Men is deliberate, sexy, well shot and perfect down to the last detail. In fact I can’t resist the opportunity to have another Mad Men still on my blog.

mm_ep12_07 The Sterling Cooper staff in Episode 12 Nixon Vs. Kennedy

If the state of the world is down to any of them, don’t blame Don, he’s just your average anti-hero. It’s ‘Creepy Pete’ all the way. Don’t you wish your office parties involved someone finding a colleague’s one act play and the team, after filling the water cooler with creme de menthe and ransacking the office, sitting down to watch it’s impromptu performance?

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May 19, 2008 at 2:17 pm

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Left overs; rollerskates, Darlings and scheduling death

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Flight of the Conchords

They’re back and their album is charting really well, complete with a brilliant rollerskating music video for Ladies of the World, which is getting mass hype on the viral video chart, which is getting hype on the Guardian.

What the Folk? is a FOTC fansite that emailed all their members, myself included, the video days ago.

Dirty Sexy Money

Is anyone else having major problems believing Simon Elder (L.A. Law’s Blair Underwood) character was originally from Russia? Preposterous. Now that we know Brian, the cranky, weird, immoral Darling sibling is actually Nick’s (Peter Kraus) half brother, it’s left room for Jeremy Darling to start hitting on Nick’s wife, and for that matter, for Nick to shack up with Karen Darling. Following darling?  The bottom line is Alistair Darling wouldn’t last in this household, which it has to be said is getting very Melrose Place. This isn’t always a bad thing, I’m still watching.


Ok, after seeing more of the future in this weeks episode, did everyone else think back to the finale of the third series, the first flash forward where Kate and Jack were crying/arguing near LAX because Jack wanted to go back to the island, and Kate wouldn’t and was going home to a mystery man? Well the man is Aaron, really a baby, isn’t he?

Jin’s threat to kill Daniel if Charlotte doesn’t get Sun onto the next helicopter off the island was quite extreme. Does anyone know who’s been caught drink-driving in Hawaii lately, I need to figure out who’s around for shooting Series 5, which is the final island installment.

Mad Men

How strange, John Slattery is having heart attacks in Mad Men whilst being battered and thrown overboard on Desperate Housewives.  I wouldn’t worry but the last thing he’s worked on according to IMDB, is Charlie Wilson’s War (You know, I wanted to write Charlie Brooker then).

You really notice when John isn’t in a MM episode though, as Don Draper seems lonely; bored with the junior execs and wistful for one of his mistresses. Only two episodes of Mad Men left, with Draper’s past about to threaten his new rise to Partner and Peggy getting a new desk! Mad Men is so well crafted, it doesn’t flaunt the stereotypes of the sixties – the drama and comedy comes from the depth of the characters, not the costumes (well the non-stop smoking is funny though).

 Betty's Got a Gun Photo capture - Alan Sepinwall/

 What on earth is going to replace MM and Lost on Sunday nights?

The Apprentice

Still thinking Raef to win, hopefully with Lucinda in the final too. The Guardian have reviewed the fashion style of the candidates. Ready to knot those scarves?

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May 16, 2008 at 7:20 pm

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Gladiators are back, but are we ready?

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Firstly, I have to admit that when I watched the first episode of the classic UK family series Gladiators this weekend we fast-forwarded through everything apart from the actual games. From this abridged version of the show, the essence of the show though really, I could see why Gladiators is such a cult hit. It’s silly, violent, cheesy, competitive, not sure I’d say fun (the pyramid challenge posed major Health & Safety risks) and reminded me of the clips of ‘My Dad is better than Your Dad’ I’d seen on the American TV clip show The Soup, E! where Fathers throw their Velcro clad children against massive dart boards, amongst other things, to prove they’re the best. 

So who are the new Gladiators? Who cares! Apart from Spartan’s camp grin, Ice looking a bit deranged and Battleaxe coping stoically with the worst name for a Female Gladiator they haven’t shown much character to remark on. This includes Wolf-wannabe 21 year old Oblivion or Mr O as they’re trying to brand him. The act isn’t working yet, “I’ll leave nothing in my path” and “The Gladiators could eat them (the Apprentice contestants) for breakfast” making Mr O seem more try-hard than baddie. 

There’s a lot of talk about the arena and atmosphere being smaller but Sunday’s screening, after a heavy marketing campaign, attracted 1.5 million viewers so Sky are only a few weeks away from confirming they’ve got a hit. To the games! Brought up in Australia and New Zealand, I’d never seen Gladiators before, so I did actually find the games fun. I thought the Contenders were in with a chance when the first female contender lasted almost 30 seconds against Panther on the ‘whack them with giant cotton bud sticks’ game. But Carly the next contender was awful, diving off into the water within seconds and the two male contenders were even worse. So nil points to the Contenders so far.

The 2008 cast of Gladiators

Then came ‘run across a bridge over water, troubled by large lantern bean bags’ that the Gladiators swing at you whilst you run. Each complete run from side to side was worth 2 points. The male contenders had a variety of tactics, dancing on the spot with referee John Anderson yelling below, “You can’t stay still!”, whilst waiting for the demolition balls to pass or just speeding along the bridge, only to lose balance and fall onto mats next to the pool by hesitating. The contender that impressed the most though, was Carly, who ran off the bridge and into a demolition ball. This sounds really painful, I’m sure it was, but it was also hysterical. One the replay you could see Carly was caught by one of the balls which made her lose her footing, never mind, she’ll be finding fame if not fortune on You Tube.

It seems the biggest physical asset you can have as a Contender is speed, especially for Pyramid and Powerball . Finally in the Eliminator, complete with flames in the swimming pool, a massive cotton reel, flying fox and monkey bars it was the Travelator that caused the contenders problems, exhausting the male contenders so much that when they finished, and are meant to break through 30 soft cubes making up the Gladiator logo, the first simply fell on then through the screen shifting only two cubes, followed by the second male contender, almost swallowed by the Travelator who didn’t bother to go out with a bang, jumping through the small hole already in the wall! Not exactly a grand finale then.

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May 13, 2008 at 3:05 pm

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Marry me

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Jason Bateman’s been travelling, and whilst Bauer Griffin think he’s getting old, the general consensus is he’s still hot.

It’s looking likely for a 2009 Arrested Development movie, can’t wait, even if it was a little bit crap it would still be worth seeing. How can that many strong characters go wrong?

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May 8, 2008 at 2:42 pm

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The Two Jennies

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I wonder if the Jennie’s were peeved they had to share the You’re Fired! experience? They both came over well and didn’t snap over Michelle Mone’s ‘You don’t have to be aggressive as a woman in business’ speech (has anyone forgotten the way Michelle spoke to Katie Hopkins when Katie was on You’re Fired last year?).

Anyway, here’s my scorecard for the remaining candidates.

Raef – Wise and stylish beyond his years (barring his Prince and Pauper comment in episode one).The next Apprentice, how can he go wrong?
Alex – Yes he’s good looking, but he’s moody and sly, he never helps out his team mates, always content for them to continue making mistakes while he looks on silently
Michael – Should have been fired tonight. Margaret was right, “He’s a waste of space”
Lee – I know he’s funny – his idea to sell cards for the coming Alien Invasion, talking about himself in the third person etc etc, but he was nasty and aggressive to Sara once Kevin was fired.
Claire– Still annoying, still showing some common sense. Her girlfriend routine with Alex in Marrakech leads me to think she may be single..
Sara – Thank goodness she was moved to Alpha, or the nice team, as I call them (does anyone even remember these team names?) She’s got a good chance.
Helene – Was she even in Marrakech? She’s still not let go of her Lucinda hatred, and this will probably be her undoing, or Lucinda’s
Lucinda– No beret for Marrakech? Aww. I like Lucinda for her clothes alone, but Katie Hopkins is right, she does often look ‘posh and pained.’

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May 8, 2008 at 1:11 am

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What’s in the Guardian today then?

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A Golden Age of US television gone in the wind? Golden Age over? What Golden Age?
When Frasier finished? or Magnum PI?

Dirty Sexy Money
Mad Men
Flight of the Conchords (only really set in America)
Lost ….pretty much forms my weekly TV diet. Plus The Soup on E!, of course. The Hills, Gossip Girl, Pushing Daisies I couldn’t like if I tried but frankly, compared to the garbage the UK produces on both the comedy and drama fronts…at least there’s Peep Show and Gavin & Stacey, right?

Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold.

PS Did anyone else notice Charlie Brooker also thinks Kevin from the Apprentice is a la Frank Spencer? Glad I’m not alone on that one.

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May 7, 2008 at 2:04 am

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Lost, again.

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So Lost is back:

I totally salute the anti-hero somehow being implicated in the death of their own child storyline – that’s an instant wrinkle cream for any shaky motive and works perfectly.

Is Ben time travelling – hence landing on his back in the Sahara Desert?

Best line: Ben – “Excuse me James” as he exits his secret room /Sawyer – “Excuse you?”

We already know Jack isn’t going to die, don’t we?

Has anyone else stumbled upon Lost enhanced, on SkyOne? Reading all the clues and plotlines makes Lost even more confusing than watching it straight. If you’re trying to catch up, just watch the Series One repeats on E4 each Saturday.

Dirty Sexy Money

How could Nick love Karen? What? And why is Gustaf leaving? I’d like to see more of Twin Peaks Sheryl Lee as Brian Jnr (Gustaf)’s mother. She and Brian Snr have a really rabid look in their eyes.

Repeats of the first series are on Saturday nights on Fiver (previously USFive), well worth watching – better and funnier than Gossip Girl or The Hills by miles.


I think Flood would have worked better as a movie length one-off. Tonight’s conclusion was way too plodding, with me wishing half the cast were dead already. That said, it was cool to see a US style disaster mini series set in the UK. Does the Canadian character signal ITV are hoping to sell this off to the US?

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May 6, 2008 at 1:29 am

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Kevin is not just the only gay in the village..

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Don’t you think he sounded a lot like Frank Spencer last night? At one point he wailed at Sir Alan, “I made a mistake!”, complete with jazz hands gesture, and I was waiting for the ‘awh Bet-ty’.

He definitely was the right choice to go, with Jenny C (my sweepstake pick at work) managing to evade her environmental card disaster. Two things stand out from tonight’s episode and subsequent You’re Fired though:

Sara – At least Sir Alan could tell they were picking on her, I know we don’t see all the footage but frankly ALex was just as quiet as Sara on this task – including sitting next to Kevin after he bombed pitches and offering no advice. Can’t believe they’ve all turned on her like this, at least Raef spoke up for her. Would anyone want to live in that house out of choice? Especially if you have to endure Myleen Klass recitals – what a prize! almost as good as having to actually work for Sir Alan.

Lee – first he was funny with his cards for the Alien invasion pitch, then he turned really bitchy and screamed at Sara. Do we get the feeling Lee McQueen really has no self awareness at all?

Anyway..we have several weeks left of the Apprentice, which is good, it’s great to have something to take your mind off Liverpool out of the Champion’s League. Sorry, should that be Champions’ League? 3 hours on punctuation is pretty extreme, Sophocles should be off soon but no, next week we get two firings from Morocco, both girls!

I’m calling Cold Jenny and Helene.

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May 1, 2008 at 1:33 am

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