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The Two Jennies

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I wonder if the Jennie’s were peeved they had to share the You’re Fired! experience? They both came over well and didn’t snap over Michelle Mone’s ‘You don’t have to be aggressive as a woman in business’ speech (has anyone forgotten the way Michelle spoke to Katie Hopkins when Katie was on You’re Fired last year?).

Anyway, here’s my scorecard for the remaining candidates.

Raef – Wise and stylish beyond his years (barring his Prince and Pauper comment in episode one).The next Apprentice, how can he go wrong?
Alex – Yes he’s good looking, but he’s moody and sly, he never helps out his team mates, always content for them to continue making mistakes while he looks on silently
Michael – Should have been fired tonight. Margaret was right, “He’s a waste of space”
Lee – I know he’s funny – his idea to sell cards for the coming Alien Invasion, talking about himself in the third person etc etc, but he was nasty and aggressive to Sara once Kevin was fired.
Claire– Still annoying, still showing some common sense. Her girlfriend routine with Alex in Marrakech leads me to think she may be single..
Sara – Thank goodness she was moved to Alpha, or the nice team, as I call them (does anyone even remember these team names?) She’s got a good chance.
Helene – Was she even in Marrakech? She’s still not let go of her Lucinda hatred, and this will probably be her undoing, or Lucinda’s
Lucinda– No beret for Marrakech? Aww. I like Lucinda for her clothes alone, but Katie Hopkins is right, she does often look ‘posh and pained.’

Written by Victoria

May 8, 2008 at 1:11 am

Posted in TV

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