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Left overs; rollerskates, Darlings and scheduling death

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Flight of the Conchords

They’re back and their album is charting really well, complete with a brilliant rollerskating music video for Ladies of the World, which is getting mass hype on the viral video chart, which is getting hype on the Guardian.

What the Folk? is a FOTC fansite that emailed all their members, myself included, the video days ago.

Dirty Sexy Money

Is anyone else having major problems believing Simon Elder (L.A. Law’s Blair Underwood) character was originally from Russia? Preposterous. Now that we know Brian, the cranky, weird, immoral Darling sibling is actually Nick’s (Peter Kraus) half brother, it’s left room for Jeremy Darling to start hitting on Nick’s wife, and for that matter, for Nick to shack up with Karen Darling. Following darling?  The bottom line is Alistair Darling wouldn’t last in this household, which it has to be said is getting very Melrose Place. This isn’t always a bad thing, I’m still watching.


Ok, after seeing more of the future in this weeks episode, did everyone else think back to the finale of the third series, the first flash forward where Kate and Jack were crying/arguing near LAX because Jack wanted to go back to the island, and Kate wouldn’t and was going home to a mystery man? Well the man is Aaron, really a baby, isn’t he?

Jin’s threat to kill Daniel if Charlotte doesn’t get Sun onto the next helicopter off the island was quite extreme. Does anyone know who’s been caught drink-driving in Hawaii lately, I need to figure out who’s around for shooting Series 5, which is the final island installment.

Mad Men

How strange, John Slattery is having heart attacks in Mad Men whilst being battered and thrown overboard on Desperate Housewives.  I wouldn’t worry but the last thing he’s worked on according to IMDB, is Charlie Wilson’s War (You know, I wanted to write Charlie Brooker then).

You really notice when John isn’t in a MM episode though, as Don Draper seems lonely; bored with the junior execs and wistful for one of his mistresses. Only two episodes of Mad Men left, with Draper’s past about to threaten his new rise to Partner and Peggy getting a new desk! Mad Men is so well crafted, it doesn’t flaunt the stereotypes of the sixties – the drama and comedy comes from the depth of the characters, not the costumes (well the non-stop smoking is funny though).

 Betty's Got a Gun Photo capture - Alan Sepinwall/

 What on earth is going to replace MM and Lost on Sunday nights?

The Apprentice

Still thinking Raef to win, hopefully with Lucinda in the final too. The Guardian have reviewed the fashion style of the candidates. Ready to knot those scarves?

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May 16, 2008 at 7:20 pm

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