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Lost, again.

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So Lost is back:

I totally salute the anti-hero somehow being implicated in the death of their own child storyline – that’s an instant wrinkle cream for any shaky motive and works perfectly.

Is Ben time travelling – hence landing on his back in the Sahara Desert?

Best line: Ben – “Excuse me James” as he exits his secret room /Sawyer – “Excuse you?”

We already know Jack isn’t going to die, don’t we?

Has anyone else stumbled upon Lost enhanced, on SkyOne? Reading all the clues and plotlines makes Lost even more confusing than watching it straight. If you’re trying to catch up, just watch the Series One repeats on E4 each Saturday.

Dirty Sexy Money

How could Nick love Karen? What? And why is Gustaf leaving? I’d like to see more of Twin Peaks Sheryl Lee as Brian Jnr (Gustaf)’s mother. She and Brian Snr have a really rabid look in their eyes.

Repeats of the first series are on Saturday nights on Fiver (previously USFive), well worth watching – better and funnier than Gossip Girl or The Hills by miles.


I think Flood would have worked better as a movie length one-off. Tonight’s conclusion was way too plodding, with me wishing half the cast were dead already. That said, it was cool to see a US style disaster mini series set in the UK. Does the Canadian character signal ITV are hoping to sell this off to the US?


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May 6, 2008 at 1:29 am

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Kevin is not just the only gay in the village..

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Don’t you think he sounded a lot like Frank Spencer last night? At one point he wailed at Sir Alan, “I made a mistake!”, complete with jazz hands gesture, and I was waiting for the ‘awh Bet-ty’.

He definitely was the right choice to go, with Jenny C (my sweepstake pick at work) managing to evade her environmental card disaster. Two things stand out from tonight’s episode and subsequent You’re Fired though:

Sara – At least Sir Alan could tell they were picking on her, I know we don’t see all the footage but frankly ALex was just as quiet as Sara on this task – including sitting next to Kevin after he bombed pitches and offering no advice. Can’t believe they’ve all turned on her like this, at least Raef spoke up for her. Would anyone want to live in that house out of choice? Especially if you have to endure Myleen Klass recitals – what a prize! almost as good as having to actually work for Sir Alan.

Lee – first he was funny with his cards for the Alien invasion pitch, then he turned really bitchy and screamed at Sara. Do we get the feeling Lee McQueen really has no self awareness at all?

Anyway..we have several weeks left of the Apprentice, which is good, it’s great to have something to take your mind off Liverpool out of the Champion’s League. Sorry, should that be Champions’ League? 3 hours on punctuation is pretty extreme, Sophocles should be off soon but no, next week we get two firings from Morocco, both girls!

I’m calling Cold Jenny and Helene.

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May 1, 2008 at 1:33 am

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