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So we’ve had a couple supplementary shows to compliment the finale of season four of Lost, and the upcoming final of the Apprentice. Lucky us, beats a re-run of Michael Palin’s new europe though, right?

Lost – The Answers are Here

Well it’s a poor man’s attempt at creating hysteria if your narrator is Iain Lee (sorry, I can’t forgive him for butchering the UK version of the Soup, what a travesty). In-fact, ‘The Answers’ was the same show Sky make every year at the end of a Lost season, with the same tired ‘celebrities’ professing their love for the show; “I want to run my fingers through Sawyers dirty hair”, “I’d use the black smoke to kill all the bitches in Soho” without showing the nerdy integrity of a real fan. Supposedly ‘The Answers’ was going to show us Lost creators, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse’s answers to our questions about the show.

But no, one question was Who does the hair and makeup? …seriously, no-one asked that, it’s a TV show. Others were about the Black smoke monster, is Ben good or bad, and finally, what all the celebs want to know is, “What happens in the end?” … again seriously why bother asking that? They could have gone for – What inspired you to create the Dharma Initiative? Why time travel? Give us a clue for who dies in Season five….but hey, it didn’t make me like Lost less, it just made me wish we could have a Claudia Winkleman hosted show like BBC did for the first season of 24.

Verdict on the season finale of Lost – 5 Stars. *Spoiler* They moved the frickin island and Sawyer jumped out of a helicopter, Sahid killed some more people, Juliet is drinking Dharma rum, Locke is dead with a new name and Jack’s back listening to the Pixies.

The Apprentice – the Final Five

Well after watching this I like all of the remaining candidates more.

I wonder if the candidates know their families have shared all their childhood photos/videos? Did anyone else think Claire’s Dad, who Claire’s Mum thinks is quite Sir Alan-ish, looked asleep for most of their interview? Helene’s mentor looked unemployed too, which was disturbing.

Looks like Lee has lied on his application about his degree, or at least spelt things badly. So, will Sir Alan let him survive that, or will he be flying home doing his reverse pterodactyl impression? - Lee McQueen is disturbed again.
Most unlikely to survive an interview with Sir Alan: Lee, Lucinda.. ironically I think one of them should be in the final though. Check out the BBC site for preview clips of tonight’s episode.

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June 4, 2008 at 8:31 am

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