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Beret withdrawl?

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What’s the bet that next Autumn the city streets will be full of vividly coloured beret wearing young capitalists? If you want to get in quick they’re still on sale in Monsoon.

So of course it’s the demise of Lucinda, snake in the grass Alex telling Sir Alan Lucinda didn’t want the job after all, giving Sir Alan the excuse he wanted to get rid of the ‘zany’ one.

The interviews looked harsher than normal this series; of Sir Alan’s interview hit squad, Claude Littner in particular was ridiculously het up trying to give Paul Kelmsley a run for toughest interviewer. Karren Brady, new to the panel, outshined Bordan Tkachuck so we hardly saw his questions. Sir Alan thanked her for her giving a ‘ladies’ point of view, which thrilled Margaret, I bet, who on the whole seems more ladylike than KB.

So how did they do? Alex was appalling, so defensive and labouring each of his 24 years, in You’re Fired Michael McIntyre ripped into him; “Don’t say Hello to me, I’m 24!” Lee fell into revealing the lie on his CV about his education, but in the end everyone agreed that wasn’t really such a bad thing and that everyone does it. Claire did well, talking too much for Bordan but charming the others, even finding something to love in Paul, “I’d suck his lips off”. Helene was calm, apart from her ‘gobshite’ remark and her inner strength was really noticed by the interviews, Claude and Karren even trying to highlight it to a disinterested Sir Alan.

McIntyre was brilliant on You’re Fired, actually funny which is rare for a panel guest and Lucinda, quiet and trying to maintain dignity wasn’t really the focus of the show – instead we relived the akward interview highlights for the remaining four, and talked a little about Lucinda’s clothes, her berets are almost like the Rachel haircut, overtaking her character. So there’s one week left and it’s Claire/Lee vs Helene/Alex. So basically, Claire vs Alex then.

Written by Victoria

June 5, 2008 at 2:17 am

Posted in TV

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