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Location really does speak volumes

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Location, location, location / Kirsty & Phil’s property guide

Don’t you hate it when your favourite TV presenters start getting worthy?

In last weeks Location x3 Kirsty and Phil were house hunting for ‘funky 25 year old Zena’ and another fussy couple. The format in the good old days was so much better, Kirsty and Phil need each other to really be charismatic and although I’m sure we end up seeing more, if not the same number of houses we used to, somehow I feel chopping and changing between the two buyers means more catch up; people looking in estate office windows, grumpy faces, Phil being exasperated, Kirsty in a stylish coat, her shoes, a busy street, meet this couple again and again, after each ad break..

I really want to see the houses and Phil needs to win back his early days gravitas – the bad jokes from Kirsty need to stop and trying to bring politics into the show is just insane, plus unwelcome. Trying a Jamie’s Fifteen or Hugh’s Chicken Run campaign, Kirsty and Phil are convinced they know how to re-classify stamp duty, and so we get Kirsty on the phone trying to get the Housing minister on the phone, don’t they know who she is!, and in a voiceover from Britain’s 91st sexiest woman, “You may have heard I’ve been working with the Conservatives on housing policy, but this isn’t a party political issue, it goes beyond that”. Sure, I believe you.

Phil seems to be overrun by Allsops even more in the new More4 Kirsty & Phil’s Property Guide, meant to be an opinionated look at the market from our experts. Boring! Unless you’re a real estate agent or want to spend time looking at Sofie Allsop and trying to work out how she manages to look exactly like Kirsty but is actually quite different, there’s not much that’s scintillating about this new, very local news style show. I wanted to like it, but frankly it’s even worse than Escape to the Country – no-one buys anything so there’s no drama, I guess that’s why it’s on More4, it just wouldn’t survive on 4. The only part of the show I’m glad I watched was Kirstie talking about her ‘smart metre’ which senses how much electricity your house is using, and becoming so obsessed with it that she interrogated guests at New Years, “Did you blow dry your hair this morning?”, but then she ruined it by making a weird joke about Phil in a bath. Stick to Location x3 and let’s hope they drop the stamp duty campaign.

Written by Victoria

June 10, 2008 at 10:17 pm

Posted in TV

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