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Tribal Totes

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So the Apprentice is over and the only thing to watch on Sunday night is Brothers and Sisters on E4. What is the world coming to? I even found myself watching a repeat of Ray Mear’s extreme survival in Belarus!

Mary Queen of shops

There’s a pretty standard theme to this series, even if the shop keepers in this series so far have been nasty and bullish. Mary Portas, fashion guru, visits the shop, which is about to go out of business.


After slagging off the exterior and interior, all justified, she meets the owners and starts the lessons:

  • Be aware of trends (could involve going to a fashion show, otherwise read fashion mags like Marie Claire, or at least Grazia for god’s sake)
  • Define who your target audience is, don’t try to appeal to everyone
  • Be able to style your customers – boutiques need to offer a personal stylist service
  • Visit successful high street/fashion stores and steal their ideas for merchandising and store layout/presentation
  • Buy collections in advance of the season, developing relationships with key small labels
  • 90% of the time, change your name

 See? I just saved you an hour of Mary Portas’ yelling at some poor delusional Al Fayed wannabe. It’s good yelling though, I wouldn’t miss it and rarely does it descend into the embarassing or naff, like most makeover tv. In fact it’s worth watching just to see what Mary is wearing herself.  All BBC need to do now is let us nominate shops for mini Mary makeovers in particular areas! Check out her website and find out which tribe you belong to.

Written by Victoria

June 17, 2008 at 2:56 pm

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