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Snog, Marry, Avoid

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Well you know what? There’s not much to say about the TV I’ve watched in the last week. It goes like this..

 Sex and the City

I’ve not seen the film yet (and don’t want to watch a pirated version thank you, no fake Fendis for me) so the lull in prime time tv (by that I mean 10pm onwards) has meant I’ve hooked into the triple bills of SATC, season 3-4 on Paramount each weeknight. It’s the Aiden/Carrie cheating with Big/Charlotte marrying Trey story arc at the moment and I love it.

 Snog, Marry, Avoid

Jenny Frost hosts this weird make’under’ show where the nation’s fake-tanned, eyelinered and primark bedecked beauties stand in front of a screen, where a female voice ‘Pod’ (Personal Overhaul something) asks them questions about their self image interspersed with questions like,

Would Men want to buy you.. Dinner, Jewellery, A Kebab.

99% say Kebab

“Wot really?!” 

At the end of this humiliation the victim is asked how many of the people surveyed would snog, marry or avoid them. Of course it’s all avoiders, haters, so they consent to the Full Make Under.

What I can’t really convey here is how boring the show’s format is – for all the snide laughing at the OTT tanned ones, the Pod voiceover and strange eighties graphics take up way too much time.

After taking off their makeup, the girls are declared natural beauties, “sexy but classy” and Jenny Frost catches up with them three months later, chatting about how harsh Pod is, have they kept up the minimal make up, well actually just avoiding acres of fake tan and wearing clothes that cover them, no extensions, no Jodie Kidd blonde hair colour is the regime. This is addictive, and can’t be as bad as Big Brother, which you couldn’t pay me to watch.

The Soup

This Saturday is the best 20 clips this year so far. Enough said. E! 11pm

Written by Victoria

June 26, 2008 at 7:41 pm

Posted in TV

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