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Thinking and Drinking?

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Jezebel, not just a red dress after all. 

Why the lead writers from Jezebel ever agreed to talk at an event called Thinking and Drinking is beyond me. But they did, and several jokes about rape later, Jezebel (now being toted by Huffington Post as the breeding ground for anti-feminism and the route of all eveil) is in a state of furore.

Jezebel postees are annoyed they are being labelled as anti-feminist, or feminist in equal quantities. There’s a mixed response from the readership on the overiding question to come out of the Thinking and Drinking evening, is it wrong to not report rape? (i.e. you owe it to other women to report it), which is hijacking the normal comments maelstrom that ensues over a photo of Jennifer Garner and her daughter Violet or the weekly roundup of sexism in blogs and the media that makes Jezebel cool. This is all a bit bemusing but I’ll still head to Jezebel for “Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women. Without Airbrushing”. It’s a damn site better than Perez Hilton.

The Colbert Report

Wow, FX have Season Four of the Wire (which I can’t watch yet because I’ve never seen Series 1-3, but I might start Sky+ing for Winter anyway – that’s right, I have 48% free on my Sky+ box, I could tape 24-hour news if I wanted), they also have the Colbert Report.

Featuring Stephen Colbert, who used to be a correspondent on Jon Stewart’s the Daily Show, the Colbert Report is a satire on political pundit shows and is worth watching, every Tues – Fri nights.

Criminal Justice

How good is Pete Postlewaithe? Why did BBCs programmers decide to chuck out this great 5 parter over one week, instead of five weeks? Lame!

Back to You

Kelsey Grammar is still more Frasier than Chuck Darling, the returning “preening gas bag”who has to retreat back to PA TV. Patricia Heaton is as good here as Debra from Everybody Loves Raymond, plus she’s believeable as a different character, lead anchor Kelly. The supporting cast is solid sitcom, but I just don’t know, the couple of shows I’ve seen were funny but the chemistry wasn’t either Raymond or Frasier standard. Still, there’s nothing else on, so catch it on E4 or repeated Channel Four on Sundays. If you always fancied yourself an Anchorman, make it happen.

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July 9, 2008 at 2:41 pm

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