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I spoke too soon

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So the decent TV is starting to creep back into the schedule, which must mean the cold weather is on its way.

Which is rubbish – as it’s already pretty cold, with light showers forecast in my area until Friday. Nevermind, here’s the latest roundup.

Olympics, still.

So England is third in the medal table. What happened to the news coverage of the floods in Northern Ireland last night?

Hand on heart the sole event that has been vaguely interesting was the hurdling today or when the Australian silver medalist rowing team kept hugging one of the officials in the medal ceremony. I can live without the cycling – what with it’s paranoid over your shoulder duals and coaches patting female cyclists on the bottom before they release them into the race – I mean, there’s no way that ‘s happening with the male cyclists. And I can definitely live without the womens marathon complete with endless close ups of their slow mo leg muscles, and that contestant who stopped, ran to the front, stopped, started again, stopped, tried to sit down until an official hurled off the track.

How many days left now? This coupled with the return of the football season is really more sport than I can take.

Who do you think you are?

BBC, Who do you think you are

I think I’m excited. I love this show, it’s storytelling, history, family, ambition, emotion, crime and a good use of the BBCs resources – all in one. Patsy Kensit’s episode, the start of the new series, was brilliant, and even if you don’t like family history, you’ll end up loving this show. Can’t wait to see the American version, on NBC too.

Britain from above

Is it possible for Andrew Marr to make a boring show about Britain? Even footage of him diving into Sussex wearing a cone head helmet can be forgiven. Not sure this should be Sunday night viewing, and not 100% on the 30 minute specials showing on BBC2 after the main episode, but this show has the same effect as a Herman Wouk novel – you feel both entertained and full of knowledge.

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August 17, 2008 at 11:36 pm

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If you’re managing to BBQ this week, the weather seems determined to wimp out by 5pm, don’t you think? then try this salad.

Now that the Olympics are here, TV is really going to be patchy.

At least the opening ceremony had something new, even if you don’t think China should be hosting the Olympics you’ve got to admit a middle-ages gymnast running around the stadium in the middle of the sky, torch still flaming, was pretty cool, even if he did get ahead of the unfurling screen graphics at one point, the ultimate cigarette lighting of the huge torch (which I’m sure will help ease the smog), was more than expected, even Huw Edwards got carried away calling it the best opening ever.

When else are you going to see thousands of people mimicking doves flying too? Beats a mexican wave anytime.

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August 8, 2008 at 11:53 pm

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