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If you’re managing to BBQ this week, the weather seems determined to wimp out by 5pm, don’t you think? then try this salad.

Now that the Olympics are here, TV is really going to be patchy.

At least the opening ceremony had something new, even if you don’t think China should be hosting the Olympics you’ve got to admit a middle-ages gymnast running around the stadium in the middle of the sky, torch still flaming, was pretty cool, even if he did get ahead of the unfurling screen graphics at one point, the ultimate cigarette lighting of the huge torch (which I’m sure will help ease the smog), was more than expected, even Huw Edwards got carried away calling it the best opening ever.

When else are you going to see thousands of people mimicking doves flying too? Beats a mexican wave anytime.

Written by Victoria

August 8, 2008 at 11:53 pm

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