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Imagine Austin tapping into a traumatic childhood experience

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I can’t really see Austin Healy, guns or not (he’s still shortish), reflecting on past turmoil to find an honesty in his next American Smooth or Salsa for Strictly Come Dancing.

This week’s Imagine…Dangerous Liasions focussed on Akram Khan teaching Juliette Binoche to dance. Instead of the chummy practice footage we’re used to from ~It takes two, we’ve got an acting tutor, cringe making attempts at forging a relationship, cool dancing and suddenly tension. Which is completely glossed over – shooting forward to final preparations for their live shows, we don’t get a straight answer on what happened and what their final performances even mean to Akram and Juliette.

Are we going to be sick of Strictly by Christmas? Or will it get even better? I’ve been watching the shows, yes even bearing Brucie’s double entendre and satire, and It takes two, as Claudia is worth watching especially with live bloopers from Ian and Jodie on the couch, “I hope she produces her breast”

The girls and boys are finally dancing together this weekend – I predict Andrew Castle or Heather Small are off.

Written by Victoria

October 16, 2008 at 10:12 pm