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2013 – optimism on Wisteria Lane? Or real desperation?

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It had been rumoured that the five year jump in the Desperate Housewives latest series may be a move back to the good old days when Mary Alice was still alive and didn’t have to phone in breathy hallmark card soliloquies from the after life.

I would have preferred that, as I’m not sure moving five years in a snap is cold turkey enough to get the edge of reality into the storylines. The only housewife that seems changed is Gabby (Eva Longoria), so maybe this is Mark Cherry’s favour to the often un-nominated Longoria, “Here, lose the make up and cut your hair, parade around with a giant four year old and that Emmy is yours!”.

Gabby looks pretty anyway despite the lack of glam, and she and blind Carlos seem the happiest of the housewives, who elsewhere are looking gaunt with their skinny jeans. Katherine (Dana Delaney) has survived the jump,┬áplus Mrs McCluskey and the eternally fake Nicole Sheridan. Gone are all the teenagers, replaced by Lynette and Tom’s twins, apparently now 16 (they sure didn’t look 11 in the last series).

a creepy carwasher and the famous five

a creepy carwasher and the famous five

Basically the five year gap means anyone can join in watching again – so I don’t think any comment on the new series can stand until we’re further into the series. In the meantime, it’s like watching the last ever show over and over again.

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October 22, 2008 at 10:16 pm

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