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I love Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies), does anyone else remember him in Spanking the Monkey or even Twister? He’s such a brilliant actor, and he’s key to this season of Lost. I’d been worried that he was stuck on the boat off shore from the Lost Island when it time travelled, but no, he’s just fine.
I remember being really peeved by the flash forwards but now that Sawyer and co are bouncing backwards and forwards in time I can’t complain. You can sense the storyline really gaining momentum as there’s more answers than questions in this pentultimate series and the next.
In some ways I feel sorry for all the people who stopped watching – catching up on DVD is convenient but you can’t beat having a show on TV that you actually can’t wait for.

Ian Lee’s on location special was even funny in parts – because of the cast and crew though. I’ve not forgiven Lee’s attempt to replace Joel McHale yet.lost

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January 26, 2009 at 1:48 pm

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