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Twister in Milton Keynes

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A very British storm junkie

Oooh Channel 4, how clever, after all the snow everyone’s interested in weather. Even Michael McIntyre noted on wossy’s show on Friday that snow = News + Weather + Travel.

So the unassuming junkie in question is Stuart,  IT exec. by day, storm chaser by night (or storm season), he takes holidays to drive around Kansas chasing tornados with fellow weather obsessive friend Roger, who runs a company for people who want to chase twisters (Sadly I would go.). I have to mention at this stage that Roger is exactly like the American cartoon Roger Ramjet, except perhaps he’s not a ‘hero of our nation’.

If you feel you’ve missed your opportunity to become a meterologist or watched Twister for the tornados then you’ll love this and have til mid March to watch it online.

The real genius of the show was demonstrating the impact all this windy chasing was having on Stuart’s relationship. His wife seems to tolerate the trips away and general geekery but at the end of the show, Stuart is forced to choose between his new bride and tropical storm Hannah.  Stuart’s a very polite husband, ” I’m so glad I came home, Hannah didn’t turn out to be a great storm.”


Written by Victoria

February 15, 2009 at 5:21 pm