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A Bridge too far

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Jeesh, rolling out Beau Bridges as a fictional retrospective handyman Eli Scruggs…. Desperate indeed.

Looks like the season couldn’t even make it to the end without pulling in the (not even that) celeb friends. Actually the thing that was most annoying about this episode was the way they filmed the flashbacks, panning around to the back of each housewife’s head. I though they’d moved forward 5 years? Certainly feels like the 1990s to me. The clothes weren’t right and the first meeting with Gabby and the ‘wives was lame. I suppose it was good to actually see footage of Mary Alice instead of her incessant bookend narration, and any Bridges cameo is going to be well played, but really? I thought we were about to find out Dave’s psycho plan…

Written by Victoria

March 20, 2009 at 5:25 pm

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