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I love cooking and could never eat beans on toast.

My favourite cook books are Feast by Nigella Lawson and Everyday Epicurean by Catherine Bell.


My mum has always been an adventurous cook – I’d say some of the best meals I’ve had have been at home, not restaurants. The trouble is, each dish is an adventure without a journal. She has a inate cooking gene and never follows recipes, or remembers exactly how the meal we’re eating came together. I cooked meals for us both when I was a teenager and dispite a disastrous my first roast chicken cooked with the ‘goblets’ still inside the cavity in their hot little plastic bag, I’ve always enjoyed cooking too and really enjoy making every meal special. I don’t go in for complicated recipes, they take too long and unless you’re trying to impress someone with your culinary skill, what’s the point? My Dad is good at making scones and cooking too, I’m sure cooking is approached with a more relaxed, can-do attitude in NZ. Speaking of which..

Kiwi food

I grew up in New Zealand and Australia and here’s what I miss… might as well get it out of my system!

  • Cafes that don’t just sell sandwiches – why not quiche, frittata, interesting salads, savouries, scones and homemade cakes?
  • Chips – as in Fish & Chips that aren’t soggy. Sorry, but it’s just wrong. Also why wrap it all up so that it sweats and gets even soggier?
  • Sausage hot dogs on a stick – don’t laugh.
  • NZ Fish – fresh Snapper and Terakihi is more delicate than cod
  • Hokey Pokey & Goody goody gum drops icecream – infact all NZ icecream
  • Steak & Cheese pies
  • L & P (Lemon & Paeroa soft drink)
  • Orange & Mango juice
  • Scones that are huge and not in crinkle cut shapes – Southern Hemisphere scones are cut into shapes with a knife and are massive rather than dainty.
  • Texas Muffins that have real blueberries in them – none of these blueberry pieces, you need real purple splotched muffins that have to be eaten, not kept in plastic with preservatives to last another 6 weeks – don’t eat these!
  • Sour cream with jacked potatoes or potato wedges – with cress!
  • Sundried tomato hummus
  • Garlic pitta bread chips
  • Pepperoni Rosette Salami – dry and spicy
  • Pastrami that tastes good, again drier and peppery
  • Big bags of normal (ie crinkle cut crisps) chips.
  • Appletise. Why is it called Appletiser in the UK
  • The Junk food!
  • Paddle pop iceblocks (that’s ice lollies for the English reader, that are like chocolate milk ice lollies), Black Forest Cadbury bars, Squiggle Top biscuits, K bars, Peanut slab, Jet Planes, Jaffas, Snifters, Minties, Raro powdered drink.

Lastly, baking. Why is it so rare for English people to bake cakes? Why do you accept muffins and cake slices that are best before 2015? What’s in them that makes them last? It’s not in the spirit of baking.

Imports that I love

Vogels bread, Kumara sweet potatoes, Braeurn apples, Anchor cheese and butter

But it’s certainly not all bad – England excels at .. Ready to eat poppadums. Kettle crisps. UK Organic and Free range produce. Ale. Sausages. Cranks bread.

Of course this isn’t an objective list, it’s purely my list of pet peeves..

Written by Victoria

September 18, 2008 at 10:13 pm

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