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Why are we putting up with Radio4 hand me downs?

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Is anyone else worried by the raft of cheap programming based on Radio 4 lame laugh fests that’s filling in our weekday viewing? I’m all for David Mitchell as a funny guy, and don’t mind the other regular comedians/presenters on Radio4 Comedy shows, but this constant roundabout of the same ideas and same jokes in shabby sets, enough!

The latest is Marcus Brigstocke’s Never Seen Star Wars is on BBC4.. frankly I find a lot of these comedies so hit and miss on Radio 4, you really have to be in a certain mindset to get a lot of enjoyment out of them, it’s all so chummy and the audience are so eager to laugh at anything. Whilst there are moments of genius, there’s really not enough to warrant moving them onto TV, it’s so credit crunch.

This makes me wonder where Britain’s new wave of comedy is coming from – I think an iplayer competition to commission bbc3/4 comedy instead of all the commercial channel wannabe rubbish coming up (See I want to live likeĀ  a dog, or whatever it’s called) is the ultimate way forward.

At least Flight of the Conchords is back in May, on BBC4 of course, soon enought to fill the gap that 30Rock is going to leave – finale on Friday on Fiver…

Written by Victoria

April 8, 2009 at 10:42 am

The state of things

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Hidden away on FiverUSA, 30Rock is the best comedy on TV at the moment, unless Dirty Sexy Money is intentionally trying to be ridiculous (poor Peter Krause, he needs to get out, quick).

Breaking Bad is starting back in the States, I wonder if FX will follow suit? If you missed the stars of Breaking Bad on the Soup.. enjoy this:



Only six episodes left of Mad Men. Don’t forget as well as the philandering, Don Draper is Eighty-Four years old. Lost is still brilliant, Heroes is palling, but 24 is suprisingly still carrying the suspended disbelief can halfway through the season too. It’s impressive. Even without the CTU ringtone, Season Seven is exciting.

Is anyone actually watching the last series of ER?

Written by Victoria

March 30, 2009 at 1:48 pm

Fish and toffee

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So everything is back on and my TV diary is already clashing. Even with Sky+ I’m not sure I’m going to be able to watch Heroes, Who Do You Think You Are and 24 all at once.
But anyway, after spending months complaining that nothing is on..

My Oscars go to
30Rock – Fridays on Five – Brilliant series opener with Seinfeld and guest appearance from Sean Hayes (“Just Jack”) as a hillbilly. It’s a shame there aren’t many other good sitcoms around anymore.
Lost – Brilliant series so far, I don’t care if it’s turning into Quantum Leap. What’s wrong with that?

And the 81st Oscars coverage itself?
I couldn’t bear to watch Fearne so endured E!s Ryan Seacrest, who was pretty rude to the Slumdog kiddies and was snubbed by Brangelina, again.
However for the show itself – the stand out performance has to be Stephanie Beecham, who was ‘grumpy’ with Claudia Winkleman and was a bad bad idea for the Oscar screening live review on SkyOne. Despite Beecham, Hugh Jackman’s all singing and dancing was a good change, even if he’s no Billy Crystal, it felt more showbiz. The speeches were all good, the live singing over the In Memoriam section touching and having the five past winners for each category come up and recite a haiku to each nominee was sweet, even if it looked a little Star Trek and Nicole Kidman’s tribute to Angelina Jolie came across a bit iffy.

Finally, one of the joys of Sky+ is the nonsense programme information, like the time it said a chef was cooking ‘stuffed bobster’ or today’s gem…


Written by Victoria

February 24, 2009 at 7:28 pm

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