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Painted Black, Soundtrack drama and other excitement

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Mad Men is so cool. I can understand why the BBC have chosen to tease the British public with a season trailer soundtracked to the Rolling Stones Painted Black. But it’s just so heavy handed and c’mon this is a show where the characters live and breathe illusion and advertising, somehow the show deserves better, not to mention that Painted Black wasn’t even written until 1966. I know Season Two skips ahead from where we left it in late 1960 but 6 years? That’s Desperate Housewives territory. Anyway, this is seriously exciting.



There’s not much I can add on the topic of the return of 24, Charlie Brooker’s summed it up perfectly. My only concern is I don’t think they’re going to catch anyone or avert any terrorist acts unless they get Chloe back on coms. Frankly anyone would be better than these fools in the FBI who can’t even get a satellite link up. I predict two things from Day Seven though – Jack’s going to fall in love with FBI agent Walker, or she’ll die. She’s currently buried under a plastic sheet and some dirt but this is 24, she’s nowhere near dead yet.

Fashion Police

The SAGs Fashion Police was much less bitchy than the Golden Globes. One of the most peopular searches for my blog was Taylor Swift, mentioned in last years FP post, so hey, I’m going to go for tags:

Tina Fey’s looked pretty in her Bryan Reyes dress, but.. hey I don’t want to be namechecked when she collects her next award, the fashion police can ‘Suck it’.

tf1To summarise – everyone from Desperate Housewives looked awful but Peter Perfect has a crush on Dana Delaney so he’s forgiven her green leather! Kate Winslet looked amazing but she got a mixed reaction. Angelina on the other hand was praised for more chic (read boring and back to front) frock wearing. Brad Pitt was claimed the spitting image of Cary Grant. Finally the Mad Men cast – how weird is it to see them a la 2009? Christina Hendricks in David Meister and January Jones in Luxotica. Fashion forward people.



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January 29, 2009 at 12:17 am

Sergeant’s lonely hearts club

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I was massively excited yesterday to read on that John Sergeant had quit Strictly Come Dancing. Breaking the news to our SCD-mad office was fun and if our office is anything to go by, It Takes Two will have had more viewers than the England game last night.
My verdict? I’ve liked Sergeant throughout the competition – it’s sad to realised how starved we are for people who are actually witty to be on TV and his humour, “I know the British people will save us” was entertaining – as were his dances. But his defence in the last week – “don’t the judges know the rules” etc etc had started to bug me – why couldn’t he say, ‘I’ve done nothing wrong but I realise why people are upset’, as obviously the standard of dancing between John and even Jodie or Christine is ever-widening. That refusal to actually acknowledge why a furore was starting was bizarre for a politcial correspondant – it’s like he was standing there saying ‘Yeah, I’m the ballroom equivalent of George W Bush’ and expecting everyone to like it.  Seems like he’s finally got fed up with the scrutiny and he’s right in saying the fun was gone and people were taking it too serious.
I don’t think the judges have bullied him – I think they were pretty consistent with the bad marks and critism (mostly not constructive) with all the contestants. I think the pressure on John has been created because it had got to a point where it was obvious not that John could win, but that he shouldn’t – the standard is too high this year and whilst entertaining is fun, amazing dancing is more so.
The hour long It takes two was most memorable for Brucie’s quote – “I’ve always wanted to be on Newsnight!”. Brian Fortuna continuting to comment on other presenter’s clothes, Kristina crying, James Jordan calling Sergeant selfish and Claudia mentioning she’d been one-sided on Monday’s show. In the end it was much more exciting than the shin-dig in Berlin.
Anwyay, he’s back for a farewell dance on Saturday, let’s hope it’s a jive?
Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe
Why wasn’t this better promoted? Another brilliant show tackling the UKs version of High School Musical, Britannia High, complete with a number from Charlie about toilet paper. The highlight for me has to be the montage of clips from Paul Ross’ Big Black Book of Horror, which whilst it was incomprehensibly bad, at least reassures us that someone is bringing in the bacon this Christmas for the Ross family.
Stuart Clarke/Rex Features,

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November 20, 2008 at 12:59 pm