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29 April 2010, save the date?

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How can FlashForward keep up the excitement for 22 episodes? Like the orphaned child of Lost and Heroes, the pilot is great, catastrophic, actors you recognise (Hey it’s Penny from Lost! Hey it’s Miles from This Life!), and even a creepy ending.. Maybe I’ve just become cynical in my break from tv blogging..

So what have  I been meaning to tell you…

Well True Blood is coming to Channel 4 here in the UK. I do recommend it, but the gore is getting to me over on FX where Season One is about half way through. If you’re offended by the thought of blood sucking fang bangers then just don’t go there. If you loved Alan Ball’s Six Feet Under, then do. Anna Paquin plays Sookie Stackhouse, the eye of the storm for the vampire and murder action going on in Bon Temps. Paquin is originally from NZ and was the youngest to ever win the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for the Piano in the 90s. Her onscreen brother Jason is apparently from Home and Away, too, so a definite antipodean vibe going on there.

The Tudors

God there must be little on TV if I’m enjoying The Tudors, complete with Joss Stone (who was actually really good) as Anne of Cleves. Seriously though, Henry really needs to start ageing and gaining his middle aged spread soon. Tonight’s finale with Cromwell literally hacked to pieces was a brutal ending. I wish they’d do more to represent Henry’s inner thoughts, surely he must have felt some remorse…

Rachel’s Home Cooking

Exclusive to UK Food, Rachel is back teaching families and seeing how chefs cook with their families at home. I eat my words, while she’s still at it with the tasting teaspoons, Rachel as a teacher is pretty engaging viewing.

Masterchef the Professionals

There must be sous chefs across the country either in hysterics or filled with regret at not entering. Seemingly unable to cook meat and with shaking hands – the entrants are almost uniformly a bit rubbish. Lucky for them Michel Roux Jr is lovely and honest. Greg Wallace continues his love of desserts.

The Wire

Missing having the Wire three times a week on BBC. So much so we bought Gone, Baby, Gone which has Beadie and Omar in it. Good film for the mostpart too.

Fashion Police – the Emmys

Couldn’t believe Debbie Mat is gone! I like Guiliana, but what’s happened to Debbie? Also new was Khloe Kardashian – she was good though (miles better than Alesha Dixon as a new judge on Strictly). My main gripe was the lack of love for Christina Hendricks as I loved the front of her dress – that colour was perfect for her colouring. January Jones looked gorgeous too.

Christina Hendricks in L’wren Scott dress, Fred Leighton jewels and Prada clutch and shoes.

Christina Hendricks in L’wren Scott dress, Fred Leighton jewels and Prada clutch and shoes.

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September 28, 2009 at 11:24 pm

Painted Black, Soundtrack drama and other excitement

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Mad Men is so cool. I can understand why the BBC have chosen to tease the British public with a season trailer soundtracked to the Rolling Stones Painted Black. But it’s just so heavy handed and c’mon this is a show where the characters live and breathe illusion and advertising, somehow the show deserves better, not to mention that Painted Black wasn’t even written until 1966. I know Season Two skips ahead from where we left it in late 1960 but 6 years? That’s Desperate Housewives territory. Anyway, this is seriously exciting.



There’s not much I can add on the topic of the return of 24, Charlie Brooker’s summed it up perfectly. My only concern is I don’t think they’re going to catch anyone or avert any terrorist acts unless they get Chloe back on coms. Frankly anyone would be better than these fools in the FBI who can’t even get a satellite link up. I predict two things from Day Seven though – Jack’s going to fall in love with FBI agent Walker, or she’ll die. She’s currently buried under a plastic sheet and some dirt but this is 24, she’s nowhere near dead yet.

Fashion Police

The SAGs Fashion Police was much less bitchy than the Golden Globes. One of the most peopular searches for my blog was Taylor Swift, mentioned in last years FP post, so hey, I’m going to go for tags:

Tina Fey’s looked pretty in her Bryan Reyes dress, but.. hey I don’t want to be namechecked when she collects her next award, the fashion police can ‘Suck it’.

tf1To summarise – everyone from Desperate Housewives looked awful but Peter Perfect has a crush on Dana Delaney so he’s forgiven her green leather! Kate Winslet looked amazing but she got a mixed reaction. Angelina on the other hand was praised for more chic (read boring and back to front) frock wearing. Brad Pitt was claimed the spitting image of Cary Grant. Finally the Mad Men cast – how weird is it to see them a la 2009? Christina Hendricks in David Meister and January Jones in Luxotica. Fashion forward people.



Written by Victoria

January 29, 2009 at 12:17 am