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Dreams of herding cattle across the Menai Bridge

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I’m late in starting to watch Survivors but I like a good apocalyptic drama. I really don’t think you can judge a series like this on the first episode though – as the premise is a get out of jail free card – of course it’s going to be gripping.

It got me thinking though – if there was a flu pandemic and I survived what would I do? You see, so far only one of the 8 or so survivors has done the logical thing – pack up a stolen truck with army gear and provisions, stake out a farm, leave the city and the promise of cholera… so, I reckon I’d head to Anglesey. I’d have to teach myself to drive but I feel Anglesey is a good option. Once a community was established there you could herd some cattle across from Bangor and then blow up both the Menai bridges and hopefully avoid the next empire in the same way the Welsh did when the Romans came to Britain.

Department Store

The final in this series and brilliant but desperately sad too. Why didn’t J T Morgan they put on buses for the Swansea shoppers, to circumvent the roadworks? They were already losing money – it could have been an option, surely?

If you missed all of these Richard Macer documentaries, forget todays m&S 20% off and step back in time to these brilliant department stores on iplayer.

It takes two

Claudia Winkleman is the best thing on before 9pm on weeknights. If she’s not wishing she was Craig Revel Horwood’s lover Grant, she’s planting key words for Len Goodman to use in his judging (taut, cheese) or playing down her own tears, “I haven’t been sleeping well”. She’s obviously a genuine fan and friend of the dancers and celebs and the shows throughout the week actually repeat very little, unlike other extra-reality offerings. I’ll miss Claudia when Strictly is over. Perhaps she could co-host You’re Fired with Adrian Chiles?

Written by Victoria

December 4, 2008 at 12:19 am