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Live from the Red Carpet

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Red Carpet

Well I’m avoiding Fearne Cotton and the Anglo-filter by watching the live footage of the Golden Globes on E!
Yeah you have to put up with Ryan Seacrest but there’s Stiletto-cam, Head to toes Glamcam, the Formula One cam. Guiliana is always so nice to the stars, and you can tell they like her, 30 Rock’s Tracey Morgan even calling her “Mrs Morgan in the next life, You are my woman! Our babies would be better lookin than Kimora-Lee’s” or even a sincere exchange with David Duchovny, “I’m thankful for my family, my wife and kids. My gratitude opens my heart up every day” and the stars mock Ryan – already tonight Alex Baldwin’s just stolen the show by asking Ryan who he’s been fondling recently.

“They had you on the cover of a magazine. You were groping some woman.”
30 Rock’s Alec Baldwin, chatting with Ryan Seacrest about recent reading material

They draw squiggly lines over the dresses and you can see who’s mingling with who on E! too. Don’t forget Fashion Police is on Tuesday at 8pm, “mark an effort, buy a mirror!”.

Awards season again though – hands up who is sick of the long interviews with Rainn Wilson? Fingers crossed for Kate Winslet to win this year. 

Brothers and Sisters
Started back with a worrying sappy monologue and didn’t quite hit the Walker family bickering high, at least the first episode back had a gorgeous location and the promise of another illegitimite Walker child.

Dallas - but funny and sunny. Photo

Dallas - but funny and sunny. Photo

A History of Scotland
Why isn’t this series presented by a historian? Because they all walked out on the series? The first show featured the battle of Brunanburh 937 which allegedly took place where I live in the Wirral! Neil Oliver should get down from those mountains and dig a trench in our back yard. I’m all for a history of scotland though, but do worry that it’s been disassociated with by leading Scottish historians as “Anglocentric”.