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Who should guest host?

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So Johnathon Ross is suspended, 3 months without pay, £1.3million.  Perhaps he’ll go on an elongated book signing tour?

In the meantime, will the BBC have the guts to keep his Friday night show on with a guest host? I hope they do. It must be time for new talent to break through, I’d prefer someone who doesn’t have to flirt with each female guest and talk ad nauseum about himself.

Whether it’s right or wrong that the BBC have taken the steps they have – people can’t forget that the BBC is an employer and Ross an employee like anyone else.

His comments were inappropriate given his stature and just because the victim of the prank is a burlesque dancer doesn’t mean she’s asking for it, which a lot of commentary seems to be suggesting. Regardless if Baillie is now milking her five minutes for what it’s worth – the initial indiscretion wasn’t by her design and she and her family are the victims of it.

“There is a danger of this misogynistic, cruel comedy creeping into a lot of male broadcasters work..a trend that’s getting more extreme” – Jan Ravens, Newsnight 29/10/08

After the fall out this week, watching anything from Harry Hill (Hitler was a naughty vegetarian, so was Heather Mills) to Mock the Week (I’m now so old my pussy is haunted) risks complaints galore, it will be interesting to see if any lasting effect is made.

Written by Victoria

October 31, 2008 at 1:55 pm

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