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Only 3 hours til the Emmys

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Fingers crossed the Colbert Report wins. As much as I love Tina Fey – SNL isn’t better than Colbert.

Strictly Come Dancing

So Strictly Come Dancing is back. I have to warn you, any review I do is based on watching the show on Sky+. I fast forward through all of Bruce’s jokes, and all of the post-dance conversation/puffing with Tess.

So Phil Daniels is out in week one. Fair enough, his waltz wasn’t graceful, but it wasn’t awful either. I blame the chinchilla stole Flavia was wearing on the Saturday show.

Let’s hope the class commentary – “That dancing was common”, “You’re a cheeky chappy”, stops with Daniels as it was embarassing!

Earth: The Climate Wars

This series concluded tonight and if you’ve seen none of the three parter, you still have 7 days to watch the entire series on BBC iplayer.

Frankly disarming stuff – the climate is changing, and could change rapidly. It’s hard to watch this show without day dreaming about how you’d survive the chaos a sudden shift in temperature change would have, let alone how the world is going to deal with the inevitable changes coming from a gradual warming.

At the end of the series Dr Iain Stewart said the experts he’d spoken to were scared. How could we not be too? What he’s learnt is action is needed now. So, maybe we should all be joining the Friends of the Earth or the Campaign for Climate Change.

Written by Victoria

September 21, 2008 at 9:48 pm