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Tequila and dogs

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The Wire

Ok, so no posts from me this week – I’ve been catching up on the Wire, watching the entire first season in a few weeks has worked fine, but only because we’ve got Sky+. Considering it’s not on iplayer, you’ve got to wonder what on earth the BBC were thinking. Yes they’ve overtaken FX and most people who started watching it on FX have switched to BBC, no ads, after all, but if they’d had double episodes once a week, starting at 10 or even 10.30 – the viewing figures would surely be better and there’d be more traffic for season two.

I think off the back of Red Riding, whilst it was brilliant, I wasn’t sure I was up for more police corruption and generally, bleak drama – but the Wire is different.


Somehow a sense of hope and justice is still on the radar in The Wire. We believe that Bubbles may well stay clean, or that Poot may stop Wallis being shot, that McNulty means well when he gets his kids to follow criminals at the local market. Even Kima surviving the buy bust gone wrong – I’m wondering if this hopefulness is going to be beaten out of the show next season?

The Apprentice

Right. Well Paula, booted out this week, unfortunately also ended my chances of winning the work sweepstake. You’re Fired is bringing out some interesting background info from the fired apprentice wannabes though – who can look at Philip harshly after he we found out he was funny, and had a cute friendship with Majid? Even James, the one who admitted to camera that he’d weed in the boardroom, is apparently only a goof for the cameras, according to Paula.


Paula of course, shouldn’t have gone. Ben, who reminds me of a chinless Paddington Bear, made a fool out of himself and Yasmina should have been more careful with working out the exact costs. It was her fault. Paula of course should have told Siralan that, but was distracted by Ben’s attack and said he was the one to go. Ben’s histrionics basically let Yasmina off the hook – Siralan didn’t get a chance to get angry again at her and I’m guessing he looked at Paula and went, HR, not fighting dirty, not obviously sales mad – she’s going.

Is it indicative of the credit crunch that the teams keep making losses? Lets hope Lee McQueen hasn’t been made redundant by the time Philip gets the job nobody actually wants.

Kathy Griffin – My life on the D-list

I hope you’re watching this. It’s as near to a sitcom reality TV can get. She’s brilliant.

Written by Victoria

April 18, 2009 at 6:49 pm

My reality – dancing and office politics

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Can I resist the Comic Relief Apprentice line up? I think I can. I’d rather wait a few weeks and watch the real thing, sans the ‘phone your rich friend’ angle, even if it’s for charity.

Dancing with the Stars

Who’s on it? If you watch E! You’ll recognise Holly Madison, Girls Next Door (though she’s no longer with Hef) and Denise Richards: It’s Complicated. Holly has replaced the injured singer Jewel, who’s husband, a rodeo star, can’t dance at all but is still in the competition. Denise is right, it is complicated.

Gilles and Cheryl - to win! Photo and DWTS news from E!

Gilles and Cheryl - to win! Photo and DWTS news from E!

The best dancers were SATC movie Gilles Merini (wow!) and the recently ditched Bachelor star Melissa Rycroft who danced well with only 2 days practise.. oh and Apple founder Steve Wozniak was pretty accurately described by Bruno as a crazy teletubby in a gay pride march.

Kathy Griffin – Life on the D List

So we finally get to see the second series of this Emmy award winning reality show. Kathy is funny, watch her show!

Written by Victoria

March 12, 2009 at 11:06 pm