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Show business

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So Tom has won Strictly Come Dancing 2008.

I like Tom, and his show dance was more showy and original than Rachel’s, or for that matter Lisa and Brendan’s slightly futuristic offering. Just as well, as apart from doing a good Samba he really didn’t have Rachels technical skill or Lisa’s glamour (or perfect 40 scores, she was my favourite by far). Infact at the end all the crying from Camilla over winning the title seemed a bit x-factor. Living the dream, ugh.

Finally – is there no more It Takes Two? When will we get to see Claudia Winkleman again? The past winners dance was a great idea, wasn’t it? Why did James and Ola do a cha cha out of the  blue? Will they bother including older men who will go down the Sergeant route next year? Will Brian Fortuna be back – why isn’t he dancing in the States version? When does the Apprentice start?

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December 21, 2008 at 1:24 am

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Obviously not Strictly dancing

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Lisa and Brendan

Lisa and Brendan

Arrghh! It’s shocking that Cherie Lunghi is out of the Strictly competition – but I’m relieved, Lisa and Brendan are my favourites, and definitely did not deserve to go – Lisa’s Latin dancing overall is better than Cherie and her ballroom comparable.


This puts John Sergeant in an unenviable position – why do people keep voting?? I’m over the ‘he’s very witty and ‘quite endearing’ now, this series of Strictly is too fierce to have people that can’t dance still in – what next, John in the final? John to win? Did anyone else notice he didn’t seem to be in the throng of dancers saying goodbye to Cherie at the end of the show? 

Finally – me and my shadow – whilst it’s remarkable Anton du Beke looks like Bruce Fosyth’s long lost love child, we really don’t need a re-enactment of old fashioned entertainment, book a proper act and stop all the pro dancers in front of them!

Wot else is on?

Risky Business

Crap business if you ask me. Neil Morrissey of Men Behaving Badly in another lifetime, is annoying, arrogant and lucky from what I’ve seen of this half property ladder, half Nuts-on-TV.

Nigella Feasts

Strictly not on TV, this series, filmed between Forever Summer and Nigella Express, has only been shown in US, Australia etc. It is an exact half-way point between the more serene earlier series and the latest camp outings from Nigella (don’t get me wrong, she’s entertaining and likeable in both). She’s as enthusiastic as ever, not OTT, and the recipes are from my favourite book of hers – FEAST is a must for any cook, and Nigella’s Christmas book is pretty great too. You can order the DVD from Australia, if you have a multi-region DVD player. Be warned though – to cater for the cultural cross over Nigella has to say, in one breath, ‘Add your spring onions/ scallions/green onions’ which at first is disconcerting. I’m used to all the US translations from watching Barefoot Contessa!

Written by Victoria

November 17, 2008 at 12:05 pm