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Had enough of America yet?

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No? Here’s my guide for what to watch in the last week of the US Elections lead up… in the UK.

Daily Show, More4, 8.30pm weekdays & The Colbert Report, FX, 11pm Tues- Fri

Essential viewing. Even Obama makes an appearance after Mrs O’s funny visit the other week. Politics doesn’t have to be dry – watch either show nightly for the latest (via a day’s delay) comedy on what’s happening in America.

Saturday Night Live
Any recent sketch with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin or Amy Poehler is worth watching repeatedy. They have clips on their site.

The View – the US version of the UKs mega lame Loose Women. Right wing Elizabeth Hasselbeck has taken to wearing John McCain t-shirts and introducing Sarah Palin at rallies. This has led to huge arguments onscreen and is saying they’re talk confirming a new morning talk show with Hasselbeck and Palin – ugh!

All eyes on America TV specials. It’s strange that Simon Schama, Stephen Fry and Jon Snow haven’t bumped into eachother isn’t it?

Jon Snow’s Journey across America
Snow looks strange to me without his trademark bright ties. He’s managed to so far avoid the same areas that Fry and Schama have covered. Will he meet Joe the false plumber I wonder?

Stephen Fry’s America
In the second show Stephen gets his hair cut in London, Kentucky. A small boy looks gravely on, his hair being cut too, as Stephen pronounces he’s heard how much American’s like to dress up in a chicken costume, the barbers crack up. Feet swinging, the footage of the boy and Stephen is quite beautiful, natural and sweet – some how showing a side of life that seems more honest, going miles underground with ‘proper’ American miners, than other series which are essentially sizing America up.

I wasn’t keen on the premise, ” I was almost born an American”, which involved Father Fry not taking a job opportunity rather than some last minute emergency pit stop in England. but despite that, and the first episodes rushing pace, it’s enough that Fry wants to go and check out America – like Palin he’s got the personality to pull it off.

The American Future: A History by Simon Schama
Good show, bad timeslot.

Sick of the election? Catch The Soup on E!, Saturdays 11pm for reality show clips that could only happen in America. Truly, they tried doing a UK Soup and it jumped the shark before it started.

Written by Victoria

October 31, 2008 at 1:29 pm