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How long are those braces on for?

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Surely Betty’s teeth are fixed now?

So it’s another Ugly Betty finale. Wilhemina is Editor in Chief at Mode, cue dissapointed looks from Mummy Mead and Daniel at Alexis. Daniel has magically acquired a French son. Christina is still pregnant with the Slater/Mead offspring – but has her husband had his life saving operation yet? Betty has to choose between Henry (barf) and Gio (from funerals to sandwiches, like sands through the hour glass…) which is a no-brainer. Hilda meanwhile has decided to become mistress to the Coach and the show’s still too scared to give Justin an actual love interest. Lindsay Lohan’s guest appearance wasn’t really an appearance.

orange is in. Photo ABC website for Ugly Betty

orange is in. Photo ABC website for Ugly Betty

On the plus side – Amanda isn’t Gene Simmons’ love child and Amanda and Mark still have chemistry. The family Suarez are still on the right side of sentimental too, so I guess I’ll be back to watch more Betty next year, despite the erratic story lines. In the meantime…webisodes!

Written by Victoria

October 24, 2008 at 11:52 pm

Tina Fey glasses

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Desperate Housewives


Thank God Dana Delaney has joined the cast. She’s the perfect bitch-next-door in Tina Fey glasses, it’s a shame she didn’t take the role of Bree she was offered when the show started.  What’s old? Carlos is still blind, making Gabby really unlikeable as she’s providing sub-standard care. The Scavo’s are having some kind of boring jealousy attack -fest with Rick, who I gather flirted with Lynette last season. I want to call him Tres, but no, Orson (Kyle McLachlan) is on thin ice after confessing he was the hit and runner who gave Mike the unstoppable pain that caused Mike to start using drugs. DH needs Kyle, so let’s hope the neighbours can overlook this little hiccup.

Gardener’s World

Sorry, Tony Buckland is not going to win me over by describing tomatoes as tequlia stingers or whatever.  He’s already tidying up Berryfields in a very 1980’s fashion. Can Carol have her own spin off please?

Earth: The Climate Wars

This is the kind of show you fall asleep in, but really enjoy the second time around. Kind of like Britain From Above. This is important viewing considering Guillermots are resorting to infanticide.

Other stuff

Have you missed the Palin/Clinton opening to the latest Saturday Night Live season?

Tina Fey is brilliant, how long must we wait for Season two of 30 Rock? Coming this month is Breaking Bad, starting 28 Sept on FX and Heroes is back soon on BBC2 too.

Ugly Betty

Gene Simmons is Amanda’s father? Yep, that’s credible.

Written by Victoria

September 17, 2008 at 2:22 pm