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Once Tim in the Limo in Seinfeld…

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As funny as Dirty Sexy Money can be; despite Donald Sutherland, despite the Nick/Karen long lost love arc coming to an end.. Peter Kraus was destined for better things.

c: retna

Mad Men
What can bring Don and Betty back together? Life or death I guess, something big, so can’t wait for the finale tomorrow night. I hope we get the next series faster, am not sure how long I can cope without MM to watch.

Brothers & Sisters

Hands up who’s fed up with the Ryan Lafferty storyline?

On a final note, bank holiday weekend and all, I watched a strange selection of films; Dante’s Peak, Notes on a Scandal, I am Legend and Midnight Cowboy. I hadn’t realised how much Angelina Jolie looked like Jon Voigt when he was young! He looks sooo different now, on screen at the moment as the evil Jonas Hodges in the still going strong seventh series of 24.

Written by Victoria

May 4, 2009 at 10:44 pm

The state of things

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Hidden away on FiverUSA, 30Rock is the best comedy on TV at the moment, unless Dirty Sexy Money is intentionally trying to be ridiculous (poor Peter Krause, he needs to get out, quick).

Breaking Bad is starting back in the States, I wonder if FX will follow suit? If you missed the stars of Breaking Bad on the Soup.. enjoy this:



Only six episodes left of Mad Men. Don’t forget as well as the philandering, Don Draper is Eighty-Four years old. Lost is still brilliant, Heroes is palling, but 24 is suprisingly still carrying the suspended disbelief can halfway through the season too. It’s impressive. Even without the CTU ringtone, Season Seven is exciting.

Is anyone actually watching the last series of ER?

Written by Victoria

March 30, 2009 at 1:48 pm